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The Fastest History of the Triangle Choke

The Fastest History of the Triangle Choke


The Triangle In One Minute

A classic BJJ submission involving the legs in the process of strangulation, the triangle choke is a staple in any BJJ arsenal. It often times lends itself more readily to the lankier practitioners, but it can be performed by any BJJ player. The triangle has deep roots in BJJ history. Here are a few facts about the triangle you might not know!


Key moments in the history of triangles

The inception of the sankaku-jime or triangle came about from two of Jigoro Kano’s most well-known students, Tsunetane Oda, and Kanemitsu Yachibei Hyoe.


The first recorded use of the triangle choke was documented at a Judo tournament in 1921


The triangle choke made its first appearance in MMA on December 16th, 1994. Royce Gracie employed the technique to defeat Dan Severn at UFC 4, proving its effectiveness against a much larger and stronger opponent.


The triangle has had more than few “shot heard round the world” moments. But certainly, one of its most famous appearances was at ADCC in 2003, when Eddie Bravo used the triangle to submit Royler Gracie. This set the stage for the rise of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu, and what a movement it’s become.


Why you NEED the triangle

The triangle has emerged as a weapon of choice for many practitioners at the highest levels. It can be used from any position, making it dangerous and versatile. It’s now being implemented in more ways than ever. Check out this awesome set up from Joel Bouhey. Its great proof of the triangle’s adaptability. Enjoy!

Now that you've got the short history of the triangle choke, check out more triangle options from Joel Bouhey in his Reverse Triangle the World instructional available exclusively from BJJ Fanatics!  Get it here!



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