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Garry Tonon Looks to Defend His Perfect MMA Record This Weekend at One Championship

Garry Tonon Looks to Defend His Perfect MMA Record This Weekend at One Championship


Garry Tonon will be back in the spotlight this weekend as he looks to defend his perfect MMA record against Anthony Engelen at One FC “A New Era”.

Leading up to this bout Tonon has put together a string of impressive wins, showing that his skill set has evolved, and that he’s been working tirelessly to become a well rounded mixed martial arts fighter. Both fighters have expressed mutual respect for each other, and it appears this will be a tough test for each of them.

Tonon has left his mark on the grappling world as one of the best no gi competitors of all time. He’s amassed an impressive list of victories, and his matches have gone down as some of the most exciting to ever take place in the sport.

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Tonon recently took part in an interview with Kumite TV. He discusses a broad range of topics, from his upcoming fight, to a possible return to the grappling arena, and his opinions on the new wave of BJJ stars transitioning to MMA. If you’re a fan of the “Lion Killer”, have a watch. You can view the interview here:

One interesting segment in the interview that caught my attention included a mention of Kron Gracie. If you’ve never seen the match between Garry and Kron from ADCC 2013 in china, I assure you it is a good one. There’s some phenomenal back and forth action, and what I feel may be one of the greatest escape sequences of all time. Do yourself a favor, and look it up.

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Back to Kron. A rematch between these two would be a dream come true. Tonon states that this is a match Kron has been “Avoiding for years”. But he also says that Kron really has no obligation or motivations to pursue a rematch with him. With Kron’s recent jump to the UFC, and with Tonon at OneFC, the likelihood that this will happen is low, but we can hope. Maybe the two will meet inside the cage one day, which I feel would be equally exciting.

We miss Tonon in the BJJ circuit, as he’s provided us with some of the most memorable moments in grappling, but we wish him well in the new endeavor. His performances inside the cage continue to inspire just as they did on the mats. We’re looking forward to watching Tonon continue to rise.

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