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Human Highlight Reels Set To Clash At UFC on ESPN 2

Human Highlight Reels Set To Clash At UFC on ESPN 2



Edson Barboza and Justin Gaethje are fighting this weekend. So. Get. EXCITED!

Between these two we have been treated to some of the most exciting fights and highlight techniques ever witnessed inside of the UFC. Before jumping in to a breakdown of this fight watch this quick video to get your mind right for what we are about to witness.

Good work by the UFC for setting this fight up. It will be sure to entertain the rowdy fans in Philadelphia! It also has some major implications for the future of the Lightweight division. Both fighters find themselves in the Top 10 in one of the UFC’s most stacked divisions. The winner of this bout may find themselves closer to a crack at current champ Khabib.

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If you have watched any footage of these two a couple of things stick out. Neither fighter is afraid to let their techniques fly, and they LOVE leg kicks. Between the two they have SIX stoppages via leg kicks. Six foes were kicked so many times in the leg that the crumpled and it ended the fight. OUCH.

Will we see the leg kicks fly or will they nullify each other? However this isn’t the only storyline of this fight. Gaethje and Barboza find themselves coming off of a win, after suffering major setbacks.

After making a triumphant UFC debut against Michael Johnson in a fight of the year contender, Gaethje suffered back-to-back losses to Eddie Alvarez and Dustin Poirier. He then found himself landing a brutal KO punch against rival James Vick. Gaethje was back.

Barboza on the other hand was talked about by many fans and pundits like he should consider retiring. After two suffocating defeats from Khabib Nurmagomedov and Kevin Lee many thought Barboza’s best days were behind him. He absorbed tremendous amounts of punishment in these losses. Yet, he bounced back with an electrifying performance against Dan Hooker. It’s clear Barboza is still very much here.

Whoever you root for, one thing is clear this fight should be action packed. The fans are sure to win. BUT for every Robbie vs. Rory there is a Lewis vs. Ngannou! Let’s hope for the former.

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