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Get Pumped For Polaris 10!

Get Pumped For Polaris 10!



Polaris 10 is set to kick off in Poole! Polaris has quickly become one of the premier grappling events not only in the U.K. but the world. Polaris has continuously put on some of the best matches.

We’ve gotten to see Tonon vs. Palhares, Craig Jones vs Keenan Cornelius, and even Nicky Ryan vs. Imanari! Polaris 10 makes no exception to this stellar matchmaking. Polaris 10 is packed to the brim with talent as well as BJJFANATICS athletes!

Kicking the main card off is grappling prodigy Nick Rodriguez. Rodriguez made waves across the grappling community when he won the ADCC trials with less than a year of Jiu-Jitsu. The Danaher prodige is looking to further his grappling chops by taking on Ash Amos. Amos is no stranger to Polaris so it will be an intense match no doubt.

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Another Danaher pupil looks to add to his no-gi resume in Ethan Crelinsten. Crelinsten recently punched his ticket to ADCC by winning the East Coast trails for the event. He will take on Ash Williams.

In the Co-Main event everyone’s favorite Aussie Craig Jones is set to face off with the Matheus Lutes one of the best brown belts to ever put on a Gi. In this match Jones will be defending his 185 no-gi title against the Matheus. This will most likely be a fight where both athletes are exactly where they want to be. Matheus will likely take the top position and look to utilize his athleticism and strong finishing skills to defeat Jones. Craig Jones will be right at home underneath of Lutes looking for leg entanglements to give Lutes an early night!

The main event is a real treat. Another grappling prodigy named Nick will take the mat. This time it will be the 17 year old phenom Nicky Ryan. Nicky looks to continue forging his own path in Jiu-Jitsu just like his older brother Gordon Ryan. Standing in the way will be none other than UFC hall of famer Uriah Faber. The Team Alpha Male leader is no stranger to the mats. Throughout his UFC career Faber made a name for himself with his grappling ability.

Will the up and comers take down the older guard? Can Nicky Ryan defeat the UFC legend? Will Jones continue his dominance at Polaris? Only Time will tell! Check out the lead up Vlogs!

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