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No-Gi Half Guard Techniques

No-Gi Half Guard Techniques


If you are ready to break new ground and reach your full potential as a grappler, BJJFANATICS has you covered with this Daily Deal. The No Gi Half Guard by Bernardo Faria has you covered. Bernardo is widely regarded as the best half guard player to ever walk onto the mat.

Bernardo made a name for himself by utilizing his single leg half guard in the Gi to beat some of the best athletes to compete. Big names like Xande Ribeiro and Erberth Santos are just a couple on the list to have fallen to Bernardo’s half guard tactics. NOW Bernardo is ready to share his details for success without the Gi.

Bernardo has one of the most battle tested half guards in the game. With all of the high level matches that were spent applying half guard Faria has insight into the half guard that only he can describe. Click Learn More!


No-gi can be a difficult game for some to transition to. There are far less ways to control and restrict your opponent’s movement. This can lead to younger more athletic grapplers preferring no-gi while older more health conscious grappler will gravitate towards the gi. With Bernardo’s no-gi half guard game you can slow down those youngsters. Here is a quick video from the instructional, as you can see Bernardo is a master of not only performing the techniques but describing the keys to success of the position.

The ability to control and restrict your opponent’s movement can slow the game enough to allow you to make more concise decisions. Half guard is one of the most crucial games someone can learn regardless of their level. One of the best aspects of being a half guard player is that your game can easily transition from gi to no-gi. A spider guard player will find a hard time applying their grips on someone’s sweaty wrist.

Another major consideration when playing half guard is the ability of your opponent to attack leg locks. Leg locks have been wrecking half guards across the globe. Bernardo has zero recorded losses due to foot lock at black belt. With his half guard he emphasizes minimizing risks while maximizing opportunities to attack your opponent’s base.

In The No-Gi Half Guard instructional Bernardo covers everything from pulling half guard to transitioning from half guard to x-guard, and everything in between. A large section is dedicated to trouble shooting some of the problems you will face along the way to becoming a half guard beast like 5x World Champ Bernardo Faria!



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