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Nicky Ryan Defeats Uriah Faber at Polaris 10

Nicky Ryan Defeats Uriah Faber at Polaris 10


The Youngest Deathsquad Member Does It Again

The Polaris 10 main card held many world-class grapplers against one another at the Lighthouse in Poole, Dorset, the U.K. Featuring as the main event for the stacked matchups was no other than UFC Veteran Urijah Faber (Team Alpha Male) vs. Nicky Ryan (Renzo Gracie Academy).


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Throughout the match, both grapplers seemed very focused on sticking to their gameplans. Nicky managed to stay a bit more composed through the aggressive antics of the more battle-tested Faber. His confident movements towards a finish were enough to score a unanimous decision victory.


Ryan made advancing efforts the entirety of the match but was shut down due to the low posture of his opponent. Seeking a submission decisive ending was “Definitely tough” stated by Ryan in his post-fight interview. He also brought up how difficult engaging was involving the gripping exchanges. He related the problem to the sweat build up as Urijah was shirtless for the match. Certainly, through all of this, the young and rising competitor was content with the victory over the UFC/WEC Legend. Nicky even went on to state how he would love a chance at the 155lb title on the next event. This title is held by the tactical Ash Williams, who on the same card defeated Ethan Crelinsten(a current teammate of Ryan).  

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Obtaining constant victories and achievements, the blue basement submission artist moves increasingly confident into ADCC at this year's end.

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Polaris 10 Main Card Results:


Nicky Ryan defeats Urijah Faber (Unanimous Decision)


Craig Jones defeats Matheus Lutes (Unanimous Decision)


Ash Williams defeats Ethan Crelinsten (Unanimous Decision)


Caol Uno defeats Leigh Remedios (Submission - Keylock)


Richie Martinez defeats Miha Perhavec (Submission - RNC)


Nick Rodriguez defeats Ash Amos (Submission - RNC)




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