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Ripped In 12 Weeks By Tom DeBlass

Ripped In 12 Weeks By Tom DeBlass



Summer is here, and now is the time to take the next step in your fitness journey! Getting in shape can be a challenge. With all of the information available out there it’s hard to know who you can trust. Every other website has a “shortcut” to weight loss, or some miracle diet. These cookie cutter approaches are one of the reasons getting fit can be such a challenge.

Enter Tom DeBlass

Tom DeBlass is on a short list of people who have reached the highest level of Jiu-Jitsu. Deblass has won the ADCC trials multiple times, runs a successful academy, and has multiple best-selling instuctionals here at BJJFANATICS. DeBlass knows what it takes to achieve your goals. Professor DeBlass is now shedding light on his fitness program!

Ripped In 12 Weeks Intermittent Fasting & Easy Body weight Fitness provides everything you need to achieve an all new level of fitness. This all inclusive package aims to give you a little insight on how Tom DeBlass is able to maintain high levels of fitness. BEST OF ALL IT’S ON SALE!!!!

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Dieting is one of the major pitfalls for people looking to lose weight. Ripped In 12 Weeks looks to help with that. One of the crucial elements to dictate success is how hungry we feel. Tom’s plan helps you find the right food to help you feel full throughout the day. Relying on self discipline when you are hungry can be a tricky proposition.

When the average person thinks of fitness they probably envision a treadmill, and maybe some free weights. When Jiu-Jitsu people think of fitness they probably envision that sick choke they hit the other day. DeBlass has devised a workout routine for folks who don’t enjoy going to a traditional fitness facility full of their closest 78 friends taking selfies. Body weight exercises are the method DeBlass has used to achieve the highest levels in Jiu-Jitsu! Check out this body weight routine at his academy!


Actions Speak Louder...

In the Jiu-Jitsu community we emphasize simplicity and practicality. Tom DeBlass has made a career by not only talking the talk, but also walking the walk. DeBlass often shoots out short motivational videos on his Instagram about sticking to training, and following a diet. They are gems! However, his motivation for his followers is also backed by a career forged in the fires of the highest levels of competition.

Since there is a influx of “social media influencers” these days, it’s important to consider the source. Many “influencers” are just hot air. DeBlass has forged his mentality in the fiercest fires of Jiu-Jitsu. The Ricardo Almeida black belt has been through it all and is ready to help you on your journey of fitness. He’s not just swinging ropes and telling you to drink a protein shake.

DeBlass has already impacted countless folks on their fitness journey, and now he’s ready to help YOU! Included in this DAILY DEAL you will get the Ripped in 12 Weeks E-book, AND Intermittent Fasting & Easy Bodyweight Fitness. This all encompassing instructional covers everything from diet plans to complete workout routines!



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