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Get Your Under Hook Back! with Lachlan Giles

Get Your Under Hook Back! with Lachlan Giles


Getting Your Underhook Back Can Be A Pain, But Lachlan Giles Has You Covered!

Often times when we talk about the half guard position, the under hook is most commonly one of the biggest factors in the position. This goes for both the top and bottom players. Having an under hook on the bottom gives us the ability to remain on our side and impose our game. However, if the under hook is achieved on the top, our opponent will have a significant advantage when trying to keep us flat and beginning to set up for the pass.

If you fight from half guard, this one with will absolutely change how you approach the jiu jitsu half guard battle.


So, if we do lose our under hook on the bottom, how can we get it back? It can become really problematic once we get flattened to regain a solid half guard. Lachlan Giles has a couple of ideas for you. Have a look!

Giles starts with the idea of off balancing the top player. If we cause trouble for the top player where balance is concerned, little pockets of space start to appear as they attempt to reestablish their position. This is where our opportunity to improve our position will present itself. Giles begins by using his half guard hook to trap his partner’s leg, and his outside foot as a wedge against the knee. With a turn of his hips, he causes his partner to have to post their hand to avoid being rolled. The posting of the hand allows Giles access to regain his under hook.

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As Giles reestablishes the under hook and feels his partner return from being off-balanced, he reaches high into his partners armpit and rocks his his knees forward. This will give him the space he needs to put the under hook to work and get up to his knees.

We’ve all been here! These are some great details to help you regain control from the bottom!

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