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Getting Passed Via Double Under Control?  Stop It With This Triangle Choke

Getting Passed Via Double Under Control? Stop It With This Triangle Choke


Triangle From Double Under Variation by Daniel Beleza

Do you know the triangle choke? The triangle choke is one of the most sought after chokes in all of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The infamous triangle choke has its roots in Judo, where it is known as “Sankaku-Jime.” The triangle is a very common submission in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This choke occurs when you, the attacker, wrap your legs around your opponent’s neck while leaving one of the arms inside and the other arm out. You use the pressure of your thigh across the neck of your training partner to disrupt the blood flow to their brain, causing them to either tap, or pass out if this were a real self defense scenario.

The triangle can be hit from a variety of positions. Today we will look at a double under variation of the triangle. Think of the double under position as if you were playing full guard and suddenly the guy on top was able to secure under hooks on both of your legs. Often times, especially for new Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players, the double under hook position is seen as a very bad place to find yourself in if you are the guard player. When your opponent has the double under hook they control your legs and hips, and can you this to exploit you in a variety of ways, such as stack passing into side control. But the technique we will see here today as demonstrated by Daniel Beleza proves that all is not lost when you have lost your guard position to the double under hooks. As I am sure you are already thinking, this is a crucial technique to have in your arsenal to prevent yourself from getting stuck in a really bad spot that you have to work out of.

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Who is Daniel Beleza? Good question. Daniel Beleza is a high level competitor from the famous “Sazinho” Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy located in Fortaleza, Brazil. Daniel Beleza earned his black belt in the month of December 2000 and has since proven to be one of the world’s top competitors having earned many major titles in the international circuit. The list of Daniel’s accolades is extensive. Some of his top achievements are World Master Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship, World Cup Champion – CBJJO, Pan American Champion, World Championship 2nd Place, Brazilian National Championship 2nd Place, World Championship 3rd Place, New York International Open Champion, Boston International Open Champion, Miami International Open Champion, Atlanta International Open Champion, and Boca Raton International Open Champion.

Daniel Beleza has had great success using the triangle successfully against top level competitors from around the world. It would be safe to say that the triangle choke is one of Daniel’s favorite techniques. With that in mind let us have a look at this amazing triangle from double under variation by Daniel Beleza. Watch the video below and then we will break down the technique. Check it out now!

As you can tell, this is a great counter to the double under position. Daniel Beleza starts the demonstration here, from the double under position. His training partner has his grips on Beleza’s belt. The first thing Beleza does is create some space. He establishes a collar grip in one and grips over the arm with the other hand. From here Beleza sits up. Now he has a very strong grip on his opponent. Your training partner will naturally counter this by trying to pull his arm out and away from your grip. You exploit this natural defense by trapping your opponent with your legs, with his arm in the correct position to submit him with a triangle.

The first thing you want to do to initiate the triangle is to get your arm across your body and your hand behind your training partner’s elbow. This will allow you to slide his arm across your body as you lock up the triangle.

What I like the most about this technique is how easy it is to trap your training partner’s arm, allowing you to switch perfectly into the triangle position. It is important to remember that when you are creating space from your opponent’s double under hook, you want to get your body off the center line and slightly to one side – the side you want to hit the triangle from. This gives you the correct angle initially, allowing you to get deep enough when you throw your leg over.

If you struggle with losing your guard to the double under position, this triangle variation from Daniel Beleza is a great technique to avoid getting passed. It is good to see the triangle applied in a common scenario, even though it is not often taught this way in most schools. Give this one a try the next time you are struggling with a guy who is good at getting double under hooks. It could be a great way to get an advantage on a tough component. Who knows, this could even become one of your primary moves. You will not know until you try! Thank you Daniel Beleza for sharing this amazing triangle variation with us today!  

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The secret lies in Daniel Beleza's guard. Once you know the secrets it isn’t hard to implement. It is so well thought out and the funny think is that he relies on knowledge, not his superior physical attributes. He flies in and out of closed guard, into Lasso and Spider with a few minor adjustments that let any old guy use his system and still embarrass the younger guys.  

It doesn’t matter how young or strong your training partners are – when you are able to use your legs against their arms the right way – you will win, every time.



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