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Getting the Most Out of a BJJ Seminar

Getting the Most Out of a BJJ Seminar


A Few Tips For Retaining The Information Quickly And Effectively

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminars are great events for the average practitioner to meet and learn from some of the most elite grapplers around the world. Most seminars range anywhere from $50-$200 dollars and are on average 2-3 hours long.

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Because of the investment, it would be ideal to get the most out of the seminar that you possibly can. It would be a pretty poor financial choice to spend all the money for mindless training and a picture. I have been to around 5-6 total seminars and have picked up a few tips that you can use to squeeze the biggest bang for your buck.

The first tip is having a way of recalling everything that you learned from the seminar. This can be done by writing notes, video recording (if allowed), or just from memory. If you go to a three-hour seminar and don’t remember a single technique, you’ve pretty much wasted your money. Most importantly are the details for the techniques taught, as these are the easiest to forget.

The next tip I have, and this is very important, is having a good training partner established before the start. As much as I love helping newer students, I would be frustrated if I had to teach my partner everything during a seminar. Because of this, I usually ask around a few days before the seminar for a partner so that I don’t have to deal with getting a good one the day of.

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Since you are meeting these great grapplers and teachers, it might be a good idea to have some questions you want to ask them beforehand. Almost all seminars end with a question and answer session so that everyone has time to get something specific for themselves. Use that time to ask about training regimens, technique details, lifestyle, and pretty much anything you want.

Finally, and this is probably the most important of all, is to practice the stuff you learn after the seminar. Even if you do all the suggested things I mentioned above, if you don’t drill what you learn and add it to your game, you have missed the whole point of the seminar. Typically after a good seminar, we will spend the whole week drilling everything we learned and adding it to our curriculum.

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