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Getting to Know Kayla Harrison

Getting to Know Kayla Harrison


Kayla Harrison made her professional MMA debut just a few days ago. Winning by armbar, she showed impressive positional dominance, and proved to be a very well-rounded combatant against a tough opponent in Brittney Elkin. There is no doubt after this impressive first performance, we will be hearing Kayla’s name in the MMA circuit more frequently in the coming months. But Kayla’s first victory in the cage is just a drop in the bucket on a long list of accomplishments and contributions she’s made over the course of her life.

Kayla began training judo at the age of 6. She shined early, becoming very accomplished and decorated at a young age. Under the tutelage of the legendary Jimmy Pedro, Kayla made history as the first American, female or male, to ever win gold in judo at the 2012 Olympic games. In 2016, she did it again!

But there’s much more to Kayla than her storied and successful career in the martial arts. Among many great things, she’s created the Fearless Foundation. An organization that aims to bring attention to sexually abused youth, and assist the survivors in their healing through education, fitness, judo, and other constructive avenues. Kayla is no stranger to these struggles, which have been faced by so many, and her passion for helping others find their own power is boundless. You can find out more about Kayla here.

We can’t say enough nice things about Kayla.

Check out Kayla’s instructional series, "The Real Judo Chop and Other Favorites" and learn a few tips from one of the best in the business!



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