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Giving back to Jiu Jitsu – How can you help?

Giving back to Jiu Jitsu – How can you help?


Even as a brand new student you have something to give back, believe it or not.

We talk a lot about all of the incredible things Jiu Jitsu can do for you from a physical perspective, a mental health perspective, meeting goals, changing your mindset and building mental toughness and just overall health benefits.  But now let’s take a look at what you can do for Jiu Jitsu. Believe it or not everyone has the ability to contribute something.  

Let’s start by looking at the obvious ones first and work from there.  First, and likely the most obvious, the mats always need cleaned, this may be an opportunity to for you to help out and give back.  Understand this only counts as giving back if you are not expecting anything in return such as payment, free or discounted training etc.  

If the mats are already getting taken care of on a regular basis and there is no ability for you to assist in this area, are there other areas of the academy you could help keep clean?  You could take out the trash, sweep up the changing rooms, make copies of forms that are needed, etc. As you can see there are a ton of ways for you to help out if you want to. The best way to find out is to talk to your instructor and see what they have to say, it’s likely they will have something for you to do and be very grateful for you offering to assist. 

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Maybe you have developed a baseline skill set and would like to assist with the kids classes.  If this is something you are passionate about, you should absolutely talk to your instructor and see what the opportunities are for you to assist with the kids class.  In my opinion until you have a 1 on 1 ratio of instructors to kids you can never have too much help. Kids can be easily distracted and the more attention they have the less likely this is to happen.  It is very likely your offer of assistance will be greatly appreciated in this regard.

You can help out by simply greeting new students as they walk in and making them feel more comfortable.  This one does not require a lot of effort, however, can have a major impact for the new student and ultimately the academy. This can go beyond just greeting them and also span onto the mats during warmups or partnering up to drill techniques.  Having someone take an interest in your journey feels good, it’s encouraging and it’s also the accountability piece when you start slacking off and not giving max effort in class or start missing class all together.

As you can see there are a number of ways you can help out around you academy and the chances are if you can’t find any, you can simply ask the instructor and I am fairly certain they will have something in mind for you to assist with. 

If you want to give back by teaching, then you should study other teachers and learn how to teach effectively.  If it were me and I was looking for who I wanted to study I would look at some of the biggest names in Jiu Jitsu like John Danaher and start studying his Fundamentals series starting with the latest one in the series titled “Half Guard: BJJ Fundamentals – Go Further Faster” I would also recommend checking out his enter the system series as well.  These are some of the highest selling video instructionals and there’s a reason why…  It wont take long for you to understand once you start watching your first one.  


John has a very strategic and systematic approach to Jiu Jitsu and his teaching of Jiu Jitsu.  I’m not saying you should copy him or try to be exactly the same as him, that would be ridiculous, be your own person but adopt teaching styles and techniques from people that are doing it exceptionally well and develop your own style that is effective. 


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