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Go Far, Go Fast With John Danaher

Go Far, Go Fast With John Danaher


Improving in Jiu Jitsu takes a lot of practice and dedication, but it really boils down to a relatively simple concept of learning fundamentals. This is generally referred to as foundationalism, which is a concept that all jiu jitsu skills are based on foundational body movements, techniques, mental concepts and strategy. Focusing on these bases will enable you to develop the correct first layer of practice to understand the core positions of the sport and later excel in more advanced situations.

John Danaher has introduced a new series called “Go further faster” that is geared towards giving the necessary to produce appropriate and correct technical skills, while also helping you learn to become proficient and quick when executing them. What are the foundational skills you’ll learn in this series, and why do they set you up for success? 

Movement skills: These are the initial skills needed to then be able to learn moves. Teach your body how to use its muscles before you try to force it to apply movement in sport. Technical skills: Your rank and level of the sport need to be taken into consideration here. Learn and adapt technical skills at your appropriate rate to continue learning all the way to your black belt. Conceptual skills: To understand the micro-movements of jiu jitsu, it is important to also understand the big picture of what you are trying to accomplish. So learning both the sum and the total of the parts are equally beneficial. 

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This video series operates on Pareto’s principle, which in essence states that success in jiu jitsu as a whole is derived from a handful of moves (your foundation). Based on that concept, it is the goal to become highly efficient at those moves so you can build upon them in the future to grow your skill set, while also having them to fall back on at all times. When you approach the sport this way you are more likely to focus correctly on techniques that can give you more successful submissions and escapes, either on their own or as a part of a more advanced movement. Students often times attempt to learn a “cool” move they are exposed to much too early, and end up not being able to complete the move as well or as quickly as they would have if they had broken it down and started from the beginning. 

So what are the core moves you should focus on in order to have a rock solid jiu jitsu foundation? There is a mixture of conceptual and technical tactics that you should know at a standing position, on the ground in bottom and on the ground in top. 

Standing: Stance, motion, grip, kuzushi, transitions from standing to ground. Ground (bottom position): Escapes from pins, guard retention, guard defense, half guard offense, turtle defense Ground (top position): opening a closed guard, passing an open guard, passing half guard, pin maintenance and transitions from pins, turtle breakdowns. 

Whether you have been practicing for years or are new to the sport- address these fundamental motions and you won’t be sorry! You will notice, with John Danaher's help, your technical prowess and speed will get exponentially better and easier to execute. Keep an eye out for the videos in this series, which will be highlighted as they are released! Check out this video about John and His Fanatic Ways!

IF you are beginning your Jiu-Jitsu Journey NOW is the perfect time to  learn from one of the LEADING minds in Jiu-Jitsu. The Go Further Faster Series by John Danaher is designed to shorten the learning curve required to become proficient. Take the first step in ENHANCING your Jiu-Jitsu forever!



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