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The De La Riva guard can be such a fantastic guard if you know how to work it. The bread and butter techniques of De La Riva guard are the sweeps. It is a guard where if you know how to control your opponent with it, that you’ll be easily able to complete any of the sweeps that can be used from there. You will see De La Riva sweeps even at the highest level of competition in the world. But if you want to be successful with the guard, then you have to have your go to sweeps. Here are two great sweeps from De La Riva that can put you right where you want to.

Sit Up Sweep

The sit up sweep is one of the favorite techniques from DLR for world champion, Brandon Mullins. It allows for a great amount of control, and for the awesome ability to get on top. First, you must go to the DLR guard. Once there, maintain a same side sleeve grip with your free hand. You can then drop your DLR hook and sit up, keep the former hooking leg tight to your opponent’s leg. Transfer the sleeve grip to your other hand and cross grab into the opponent’s collar, while you keep your free foot on his other leg to keep him back. Once all the controls are there, pull the sleeve through, pull the collar down and kick out his leg. You will get the sweep and get right on top.

Over Head Sweep

This DLR sweep can be fun to see, as you make your opponent fly over you so that you can get on top. Of course, you first must go to DLR guard. Maintain your DLR hook, and put your free foot on your opponent’s hip. But you must keep your hands in use as well. You maintain a same side sleeve grip on the side that you’re using your DLR hook. Your other hand will  be used for a cross collar grab. You can pull your opponent down and forward, and then lift him with your foot that is on his hip. Not only will be swept overhead, but you will again, get on top.

The De La Riva guard has evolved greatly overtime. This excellent open guard has been used by many BJJ world champions as well. Caio Terra is an avid user of DLR, and so is purple belt world champ, Matheus Gonzaga. Matheus has some great DLR guard sweeps that he uses to win title after title, and he has a DVD out which shows these techniques.

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