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Gogoplata and Domplata: Choke with a Plata

Gogoplata and Domplata: Choke with a Plata


Are you a flexible player who wants to use your bendiness to choke with your shins (or a non-flexible player who just wants to learn some cool chokes)? Then read on.

First off, the Gogoplata. This shin choke from bottom can be really effective with the right setup.

Here, Brandon Mccaghren, and Eddie Bravo blackbelt, shows this technique on BernardoFariaBJJ.

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Mccaghren first shows how to setup the Rubber Guard. 

This guard, developed by Eddie Bravo, is the perfect one to use in an MMA-type setting, in which strikes are a possibility and your opponent doesn’t have a gi to grab onto. 

Even without strikes, the Rubber Guard is a great way to exert massive control over your partner’s posture and movement, without having to use the gi.

Mccaghren starts with Bernardo’s posture already broken, and he keeps it that way using his arms and a gable grip. 

Then he brings his knee up past Bernardo’s shoulder. Only then does he bring his leg across Bernardo’s back and grab his own ankle, completing the Rubber Guard control.

Since Bernardo’s arm was there, Mccaghren could swim his arm over Bernardo’s head, then come around and overhook Bernardo’s arm.

Then, Mccaghren uses his other arm to frame against the side of Bernardo’s neck and against his shoulder. From this position, Mccaghren can start his attack.

He brings his foot over Bernardo’s head to his neck. At the same time, he brings his arm (the one that had the overhook) over Bernardo’s neck.

Then, Mccaghren grabs his toes (on the side nearest to him), and pulls his foot outward (outward for him, but towards Bernardo’s shoulder). 

Finally, he moves his foot down, which moves his shin into Bernardo’s neck, allowing him to finish the choke. 

Pretty cool, but you definitely have to be flexible to perform that particular setup.

Here’s a shin choke that requires slightly less flexibility, and can be performed from mount.

Here, Dominyka Obelenyte shows one of her signature techniques: The Domoplata.

From mount, Obelenyte goes under her opponents arm and pulls it up to her side. She then slides her knee up to the head, like the beginning of an armbar.

She then uses her shin to pin her opponent’s free arm to the mat. Using her grip by the shoulder and her hips, she moves her opponent onto their side.

Once her opponent’s back is exposed, she swings her leg over her opponent’s head, so her opponent’s shoulder is trapped by her thigh.

Then, Obelenyte sits back, keeping the arm trapped and the neck blocked with her foot. 

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From here, Obelenyte can go over her own ankle and get a thumb-in grip in the opposite lapel. And pull and push will give her the tap.

She can also stay in this position for as long as she wants (at least, in an IBJJF setting), and can transition from sitting up to sitting back down again to get the finish.

Known as an open-guard specialist, Obelenyte uses her spider guard to transition to the Domoplata.

Obelenyte was Marcelo Garcia’s first female Black Belt, and has a pretty impressive record.

She won the adult female World Championship at blue belt at just 14. This after having dislocated a rib a few weeks before Worlds.

In 2015, the year she was promoted to black belt, she became a World Champion in both her division and absolute at the age of 19.

So far, she’s earned a total of 4 World Championship titles and 2 Pan American Championship Titles.

This killer submission uses her flexibility to put her opponent in a really bad spot.

Try these two techniques and start putting those shins to work!

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