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Gordan Ryan Attack The Back Technique

Gordan Ryan Attack The Back Technique


Gordan Ryan Shows Us A Slick Knee On Belly To Back Take

Spend any time on the mats and you are destined to get a knee jammed in to your belly at some point. Just thinking about trying to escape such an uncomfortable position makes my stomach churn. We all know how it feels to be out of breath, desperately struggling to escape that knee. There is a reason for this. It is a highly effective way to control your opponent from side control. It is seen as both a transition and a submission (especially if you are feeling extra bullish against your opponent that day). But have you ever thought about taking the back from knee on belly? I never considered that as an option until I came across this video with Gordan Ryan from Brunswick BJJ demonstrating a slick knee on belly to back take in no gi. Check it out below!

If you know anything about Gordon Ryan, you will know he has a unique ability to find his way to his opponent’s back. So it is no surprise that he is the one to be innovating with back takes from knee on belly. If you catch Ryan in a BJJ tournament you might not even see him go for this because he does it so fast! Thankfully not only is he a great competitor and innovator of martial arts, he is also a great teacher.

Attacking The Back is not as easy as you think. In fact, John Danaher thinks the modern BJJ methods of attacking the back are flawed. His System of Attacking The Back has created some of the best submission hunters and finishers in the world.


Gordan Ryan starts from your typical side control with a head and arm clinch using a gable grip to lock tight to his training partner. From there you see him lift his opponent getting him up on his side rather than flat on his back. Then Ryan gets a tight grip on his training partner’s lower back. You might want to pause the video right and notice how tight and connected Gordan Ryan is to his opponent. He has tight control behind the neck, and back with his left leg and foot tight at the hips. He is basically taking all opportunities away from the guy on bottom to attack. That free arm is useless. And that he is on his side he has no power to bridge. Gordan maintains his tight connectivity in the transition. He drags his knee straight across his opponent’s belly and now dominates his back side, still giving no opportunity for an attack or an explosive movement to bump him off. The head clinch that he still has as well as his knee on the mat give him the leverage to lift his opponent up get his hip and leg around, lock up and take the back, already in position for a perfect neck choke position.

Pretty simple stuff, but I can’t help but admire the control this gives you over the guy on bottom. He basically has no way to use his limbs, nothing to attack with, no way to explode and off balance the guy on top. You are pretty screwed if you get stuck there; it is probably worth letting the guy on top get to the back at this point so you can try to escape from there. Anyways, powerful stuff from Gordon Ryan. I will be sure to keep this one in mind next time I am on the mats.

Gordon Ryan is one John Danaher's Super stars in the Danaher Death Squad. Gordan has learned these back attacks and more from the watchful eye of John Danaer. John Finallu Reveals Every Detail Of His Back Attack System That Has The Highest Finishing Rate In EBI Overtime History By A Landslide. By focusing on the same principles that created one of the most feared submission fighters ever... Gordan Ryan, John feels he has perfected and revolutionized the way his athletes can attack from the back. His athletes move from attack to attack, constantly creating more and more advantages for themselves, until they are getting the tap.

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