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Hand Fighting For Jiu Jitsu With Chad Layman

Hand Fighting For Jiu Jitsu With Chad Layman


BJJ Hand Fighting from Guard with Chad Lyman

Xtreme Couture BJJ Coach Chad Lyman shows some tricks using a cross grip to an over hook.

The arm drag is an important technique if you want to learn how to create openings to sweeps, back takes, and submissions. The arm drag serves a number of purposes that are fundamental to self defense scenarios and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition. It is a tactic to set up a classic misdirection in order to get oneself into a dominant or attacking position. And while the move we are looking at today is not necessarily an arm drag, it uses the same concepts of misdirection to control the opponent’s arm.

In the video below, self defense guru and BJJ black belt Chad Lyman walks us through several ways to control an attacker’s arm using grips and control that are very much like an arm drag. Check it out below and then we will break down the technique!

Chad Lyman starts off the technique from guard. He is playing his normal guard game, establishing connection to his opponent, fighting for wrist and sleeve control. Lyman uses his opposite hand on the gi sleeve to pull down his opponent’s arm, anchoring his hand to the ground. With his other hand he reaches around his opponent’s arm from the outside, grabbing his own lapel, and pinching, further securing the arm. From there Lyman plants his hand, gets to his knees and drags his opponent downwards so that he stays connected outside and behind the arm. He has got the arm at an angle that sets himself up for a back take on a now turtled opponent, or whatever else he wants to do. Notice how dynamic Lyman is with his hips, knees, and feet, breaking down his opponent and  setting up an easy back take.

Learning Self Defense is one of the main reasons people start training Jiu Jitsu. But, most modern Jiu Jitsu "evolved" away from true self defense to focus on fancy guard sweeps and foot locks. Chad Layman still takes a NO BS Street Fight Approach to his Jiu Jitsu and has a lot of experience to share with you.


Lyman then shows what happens if an opponent passes back side while his arm his still caught. Chad knows his opponent has no base, and easy to roll, as long as he maintains a connection to the arm. If his opponent passes front side all Lyman has to do is lay back, elevate the legs, and sweep his opponent, ending in side control. You have a lot of power of your attacker so long as you keep control of that arm. He can’t pass to either side without being easily rolled.

Chad gives a great piece of advice at the very end of the demonstration, “Now go train a little. A lot.” Brilliance. The moves he showed us take very little effort but a lot of time to master. Having techniques like this in your arsenal will open entire new worlds of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and self defense as you attempt to problem solve your way out of sticky situations. Remember, all good techniques have practical applications, so get out there and train hard!

Chad has combined his years of operational law enforcement and Mixed Martial Arts experience at Team Couture, has quickly been recognized as one of the best defenisive tactics jiu jitsu instructors in the world. He is a former street cop from NYC and is one of the most passionate martial arts instructors when it comes to both teaching law enforcement defensive tactics and civilian self defense. His extensive background in both the real world combatives as well as on the mats and in the cage gives Chad a unique jiu jitsu skill set that is unmatched.

Check out his DVD / On Demand series called: Street Fighting Secrets - How To Defend & Dominate Against Strikes, Takedowns and Weapons. It is based off Chad's comprehensive use of force training system: Code 4 Combat; but simplified so that you can digest it easily and use it (hopefully never) immediately.



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