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The BEST North South Jiu-Jitsu Escape

The BEST North South Jiu-Jitsu Escape


Bernardo Faria's North South Escape

Bernardo Teaches How To Escape North South When Opponent Has Over Under - This is one of the toughest moves in BJJ to escape but 2015 Weight and Open Class IBJJF Champ Bernardo Faria shows you how to do it.

North South position is one of the most challenging positions to escape from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In the video below we will leave it to Bernardo Faria to teach us how to escape north south position as well as other challenging positions. Watch the video below and then we will break it down. Check it out!

Imagine a situation where your opponent has you in north south. But rather than your opponent having control over or underneath your elbows he is instead over one elbow and under the other. You really have to be careful in this position. From here your opponent could easily submit you with a north south choke, all while being able to pin you down in this position for a really long time.

There is a science to escaping bad positions in jiu jitsu. If you don't have the tools or the concepts to escape, you will waste all your energy and not get anywhere.


Bernardo shows us that you escape this position you first try to control his gi pants by gripping behind your opponent’s knee. Doing this ensures you are controlling your training partner’s base, and make sure his legs remain spread wide. From here, you want to wait and see what your opponent does. You have to be careful with your other arm. At any time he might go to control it and submit you with an arm bar. Or he can pin it to you with his head and chin. So before he gets a hold of that arm it is opponent to secure another grip using the gi pants, belt, or part of his gi top.

Pay attention to the motion of Faria’s hips. He brings one leg over, escapes his back leg, and then fishes his leg over his opponent’s hooking him and extending his leg in half guard. By recovering the half guard you are exactly where you need to be to roll your opponent into deep half guard.

Remember this one next time you are in a live roll or competition and you find yourself on bottom of north south. Secure your grips on the back of your opponent’s knee and with his gi. Do not give him any free to go to an arm bar or any other submission. Keep your head turned to avoid the north south choke. Step over with your leg, step again, and then fish his leg to recover the half guard. Once you get the half you are in position for deep half. There is no doubt this one will take some practice, but it is a great option for a common position.

Bernardo is a 5 time Black Belt World Champion - think about that for a second.. He’s won five.. - America has only ever won two. So it is safe to say that his escapes are very solid. He knows how to get out of anything and pretty much always does.



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