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The 2nd Base Jiu Jitsu Guard Pass

The 2nd Base Jiu Jitsu Guard Pass


2nd Base Pass by Fabiano Scherner

Fabiano Scherner shows how to open the guard and then pass using the "2nd base pass".

Let’s start of by introducing the incredible Fabiano Scherner. Fabiano Scherner is a German Brazilian professional mixed martial artist and Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt. He has fought in Cage Rage, IFL and the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Scherner is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor who won multiple championships on an international and world stage in senior and master divisions. Fabiano Scherner is known for his simple yet effective techniques that do not necessarily rely on strength, flexibility or athleticism. Scherner is your average guy with a high level mastery over jiu jitsu allowing him to perform well.

Bernado Faria is the master of smashing "new school" Jiu Jitsu guards using his pressure passing system featuring his over under grip for the pressure guard pass


With that said, let’s explore the 2nd base pass with Scherner and then we will break down his technique. Check out the video below!

The video starts off with Fabiano Scherner’s double lapel grip from top position of full guard. Notice that he opens the gi up and pushes down on his opponent’s shoulders before scooting his legs into the middle and underneath of his opponent’s butt. From here his is able to standing, but it is important to note that he keeps his double lapel grip while doing so. Also take not that his feet are back and legs spread wide giving him self a strong distance and some distance from the guy on bottom. From here he switches one hand from the lapel to the belt, pushing down, and then moving his other hand down to the belt, giving Fabiano the ability to posture up and control his opponent from the hips. Now he can push down on the hips and pry open the guard by placing his knee in the middle of his opponent’s legs. This type of movement is similar to a knee cut and is an excellent way to open the guard and pass.

With one knee in between his opponent’s leg, and the guard opened, Fabiano re-establishes collar control with a cross collar grip with one and, controlling the gi sleeve at the wrist with his outside hand, towards the direction he is going to pass. He simultaneously pulls upwards on the sleeve, and slides his knee across his opponent’s thigh. There is a lot of pressure on the thigh, giving the man on bottom very little in ability to defend himself or escape. A big step forward with the leg straight and an elbow on the opponent’s chest is what gives  this pass its iconic name “2nd base” as it looks like a baseball player sliding into base. Awesome! From here it is as simple as pressuring down with the elbow, kicking the back leg underneath and through towards the neck, and switching the hips to finish the pass in side control.

There are a few take aways you should remember from this video the next time you are in a live roll. First, work your grips down to the belt. Of course, this step will be a lot easier in drilling, as your opponent will be doing everything in his power to break your grips and your posture. You do not need to be completely standing up right to slide your need into the middle of your opponent’s guard. Once you work to get that knee you will open the guard and set yourself up to get the pass. When passing it is vital to pull up on the gi while pushing down on the thigh you are passing. The elbow in the chest completes the pressure, and this will keep your opponent stuck to the ground. In drilling pay special attention to the leg work and hip switch as that will set you up to get back to side control without your opponent escaping or getting up on their side. What are you waiting for? Get out there and train the 2nd base pass!

If you want to smash “New School” Guards, this is the series for you. Never has there been a more complete series on Pressure Passing by Bernardo Faria. Bernardo is famous for his over/under passing sequence. He has succesfully utilized his pressure passing system on guys like Leandro Lo, Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu, Erberth Santos and many moreThis BJJ Instructional DVD series will make you better at Jiu Jitsu and it might just revolutionize the way you pass.



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