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In Defense Of Demi Lovato

In Defense Of Demi Lovato


Exploring the obligations of the tribe…

Demi Lovato posted a post training picture of herself on Instagram. It was her first post regarding Jiu Jitsu since her overdose. Naturally, many people on the internet had some distasteful comments. They ranged from comments about drug abuse to “how it this news?”

While I do not follow her music career, I do not understand the negativity toward her. We all have our demons in our life. The struggle with addiction can be particularly harrowing.  Jiu Jitsu is constantly described as a tribe and a family. The help that we give each other should not be limited to the mats. Rather, we should seek ways to help each other off the mats. This is true not only for Jiu Jitsu but also for a basic human being. If I see someone struggling why is it the correct response to kick them while they are down? Just because my demons are different than your demons does not grant me the right to throw stones at you.

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The other common criticism is “how is this news worthy?” She is a celebrity. This is America. We love celebrities in America. While I am behind on pop culture, you have to understand that to a lot of Americans, it is important information. Even beyond that, maybe her posting about Jiu Jitsu can help other people find this beautiful art that has changed so many of us for the better.

For most of us, Jiu Jitsu is a way we battle our demons on the mat. It gives us the skill sets to be better human beings.  I certainly hope Jiu Jitsu helps Demi Lovato with whatever challenges she faces in life. If nothing else, lets live up to our boasts in Jiu Jitsu of being a tribe and a family. If nothing else, lets be decent human beings.

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