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Gordon Ryan Sets His Sights on 10K at BJJ Fanatics Submission Only Grand Prix

Gordon Ryan Sets His Sights on 10K at BJJ Fanatics Submission Only Grand Prix



You know the name. Gordon Ryan has been on a quest to be the most successful no gi grappler of all time and so far… he’s doing a pretty good job. Since Ryan was unleashed on the no gi scene a few years ago, he’s been devouring everything in his path. The list of well-known grapplers on Ryan’s list of victories is lengthy and impressive and this young superstar does not look to be slowing down anytime soon. 

First revered for his ability to leg lock almost at will, Ryan brought a new and exciting element of danger in to the no gi realm and changed the game as we know it. His lower body submission game was unlike any other we’d seen and he used this incredible system to work his way to the top, where now he’s proved that his jiu-jitsu is incredibly well rounded and dangerous from all angles. Ryan’s intelligent style and unmatched athleticism is a danger to anyone he faces and this young man is just getting started. 

Ryan’s incredible streak of impressive victories and jaw dropping performances culminated this year at the ADCC 2019 Word Championships where Ryan was able to secure gold in both his weight class and the open class divisions. An impressive feat for such a young competitor in only his second ADCC appearance.

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This Friday Ryan will once again put his coveted skillset on display at the BJJ Fanatics Submission Only Grand Prix, where several of the most elite no gi grapplers in the scene today will all be vying for a chance to win 10K. Ryan is no doubt the favorite to come out on top, but he’ll be joined by some other heavy hitters looking to steal the moment for themselves. Dante Leon, Lucas “hulk” Barbosa, Kyle Boehm, and Tex Johnson, just to name a few, will be among the impressive list of combatants waiting in the wings to impose their will and claim the hefty cash prize.

The fighters taking part in Friday’s event will be working with 10-minute rounds, where no points will be awarded and the only way to win is by submission. Should the round go the distance without a submission victory, an EBI overtime ruleset will be implemented to decide the winner. This is an incredibly exciting and unique ruleset that’s sure to push the action. 

The event will take place this Friday night in Beverley, Massachusetts at The Cabot, beginning at 6:30 pm. You can stream the event live on This is not one to be missed! Make plans now to witness this impressive line up go head to head for a shot at 10K!



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