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Gripping with A Purpose with John Danaher

Gripping with A Purpose with John Danaher


Gripping Is Important. Learn How To Make Yours Better With Danaher!

How often do you consider your grips, their purposes, and the role they play in grappling scenarios? When we first begin training, there tends to be a sense of urgency to get to the “good stuff”. Were eager to learn submissions, how to escape, and other surface themes that we’re so commonly exposed to. We tend to hurry past the smaller ideas such as gripping concepts, and how these more finite details can add value to our arsenal. As a grappler, it is definitely important to have some semblance of what proper grips are and what they can do for you.

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For example, take a look at this video with John Danaher. He discusses what he refers to as negative and positive gripping. Watch how Danaher creates an opportunity to enter the legs just by using a simple gripping concept. Have a look!

Danaher first discusses a negative gripping approach. This is a scenario when one of two combatants are solely focused on shedding every opposing grip they encounter. This leads to little action, and in most cases won't produce much in the way of advancement.

By learning to grip with a purpose we can add another layer to our game that fosters control and produces reactions.

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Danaher gives us a fine example of gripping with a purpose in the video. In this scenario, Danaher intends to enter in to the ashi garami position. As he states, his grips must reflect his intentions, so he begins by initiating an arm drag. If his partner remains on his knees, the arm drag will materialize and possibly provide a pathway to the back. But if he steps up to defend the arm drag this will create space and opportunity for Danaher to enter into the ashi garami. As his partner defends the arm drag, Danaher switches from the arm drag grips to a two on one grip on his partner’s leg and easily transitions into ashi garami.

There are beautiful concepts at work here. Be sure to take the time to examine the smaller aspects of the game, such as gripping, and what they might add to your skillset.

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