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Guard Passing: Double Under Pass


For guard passing, the double under pass is one of the best passes you can perform on an opponent.  The pass allows for you to use your grips, your weight and your pressure to get from your opponent’s guard to side control. The double under pass is used frequently in both gi and no gi competition to great effect. If you can master this pass, you will always stay out of the guard and be able to put whoever you go against on defense. Take a peek at how the double under pass works.

The first part of this pass involves getting your arms under your opponent’s legs, while then gable gripping your hands together, high on the legs, near the hips. After attaining this control, you must posture up and pull your opponent onto your legs. This takes away some of your opponent’s hip movement and ability to go after techniques. Once he is up on your legs, you cross grab your opponent’s collar with one hand, and grab his pants with the other up by his hips. You can then sprawl up with your legs, and walk to the side, using a grinding type of pressure. From there you can either shoulder shuck, or use the hand that was on the pants  to pull his top leg away.

For no gi, you can still use the double under pass, but you must modify it. Because there are no pants and collar to grab, you’ll have to use some adjustments to get this right. Everything on the no gi version is the same, until it is time for the grips. You can start sprawl walking to the side, creating some pressure. With the arm of the side you are moving to, take out the underhook and use your hand to control the opponent’s knee and quad. Kick your opposite side leg back and push down his knee. As you dip your shoulder down, you will be able to get right into side control.

Passing can be intimidating. Timing, pressure and good technique make passing work. It is a lot to learn and do, but once you get it down, you’ll be able to not fear the guard anymore. Strong passing is needed in every Jiu Jitsu competitor’s game. Even if there are only one or two passes to practice, let this be one of them. For an awesome resource of passing, you have to check out Bernardo Faria’s The Pressure Passing Encyclopedia. It is the best guard passing DVD on the market.

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