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Killer Collar Chokes From The Back



The back position allows for a plethora of positions for the attacker and limited defenses for the person being attacked. While there are various submissions, some of the most effective techniques are gi chokes. They are fast and furious, and can put an opponent out cold if he doesn’t decide to rightfully tap. The best chokes all involve using the opponent’s collar. Check out some of these killer collar chokes from the back.

Basic Collar Choke

When it comes to collar chokes, why not start with the most basic and go from there? The basic choke is great and the gripping you will use will be used on many other choke variations. Learning the correct grip will lead to the tap. First start with the seatbelt control. With your over hand, use a thumb in grip on the collar, high up. This will go right into the arteries, which will cut off blood to the brain which makes this choke work. With your under arm, you will pull the slack down and out of the other lapel which makes it tight as a noose. This choke like the others on this list will work on beginner and advanced competitors.

Bow And Arrow Choke

The bow and arrow choke is one of my favorite BJJ techniques. For this choke, you start with the same seatbelt control. Get your over hand grip, once again thumb in, high on the collar. Once your grip is strong, you need to sit your hips and butt to the same side of the collar where your thumb is in. You must then throw your legs over the opponent’s far shoulder, and grab their pants with your free hand. Lean back and pull the collar and the pants. This technique is particularly strong and can finish any one at any time.

Clock Choke

The clock choke is the only choke on the list that does not start from the standard back control. For this choke, you do have back control, but it is from when the opponent turtles up. As with the other chokes, have the seatbelt control. And once more, start with the high up, thumb in collar grip. With the hand that is under, pull your opponent’s arm in towards his stomach. Collapse him to the mat, and sit your hips and butt in front of his shoulders. While sitting, start moving clockwise as you pull the collar. This will provide a great tap.

Collar chokes are some of the most powerful feeling submissions. They are also tough to defend once properly locked in. Some competitors, such as JT Torres have made a big part of their career by choking opponents out with collar chokes. JT also happens to have a great DVD out, called Passing, Back Takes & Finishes which shows some of his world class collar chokes.

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