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Half Butterfly Gold with Aaron Benzrihem

Half Butterfly Gold with Aaron Benzrihem



The half butterfly guard has been continually emerging in the BJJ scene over the past several years and it’s effectiveness is being recognized by plenty of BJJ players of all levels. This incredible guard configuration boasts a multitude of utilities that can assist anyone in beefing up their guard game and adding some extra layers of danger for the guard passer. By combining two of the most popular and effective guards in the history of BJJ this beautiful hybrid guard can provide you with new options and massive benefits. 

What's great about the half butterfly guard is that you get the best of both worlds. The half guard setup allows you to build good structure and framing under your partner and with the butterfly hook inserted, you get all of those great opportunities to elevate and claim space underneath your opponents. It seems that with the half butterfly guard there's almost no way the top player can advance without consequences and that they’re constantly under the threat of being off-balanced, attacked, or dealing with the threat of a transition. 

This is a pretty appealing guard platform that you might want to know a little bit more about. Aaron Benzrihem has compiled quite the library of half butterfly guard instruction and in Basics to Advanced: Half Butterfly Guard you’re going to get a look at one of the most complete systems ever assembled on the subject. From the early stages of setting up the position, with basic concepts and mechanical details to counters, masterful transitions, and submissions, you'll get a front row seat to some half butterfly guard mastery that will add new value to your guard toolbox. 

Let’s take a look at an excerpt from the series. Everyone loves a great back take and we love it even more when our opponent thinks they have the upper hand and we turn the tables. In this video Benzrihem walks us through an incredibly slick back take when the top player attempts to track the kimura from the half butterfly. Check this out! 


Benzrihem begins with a quick lesson on what the guard passer might be up to here. The rolling kimura is an enticing option because the top player may not feel incredibly restricted or they may be anticipating a hook style sweep that will put them right where they want to be. By locking up a kimura and rolling off of the butterfly hook, they could put themselves in a good position but Benzrihem has other plans. 

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As Benzrihem’s partner locks up a kimura and falls to his hip, He’s careful to pay close attention for any intentions to roll. He quickly recognizes the threat and secures a grip on the pants and bites down hard with the hal guard hook to prevent this from happening. He also takes a grip anywhere on the opposite side to defend his arm as he works through the technique. Benzrihem then elevates his partner with his butterfly hook and captures the free leg inside of his legs, feeding it in with his grip on the pants. He’s now traveled to the backside of his partner, but this exchange isn't over yet and the threat of the kimura still exists. 

Keeping a tight grip with his kimura hand, Benzrihem begins to get up, pulling his elbow that's under attack hard toward the mat to free it and then uses it as a post to prop himself up.Freeing the elbow is paramount to completing the back take and of course getting out of danger and this allows Benzrihem full access to the back. In another scenario, his partner pormtpy turns into him and the leg drag position becomes available as well, which Benzrihem finds to be even more common. Either way you’ve pulled off a fantastic transition and a dominant position has been achieved. Showing even more versatility Benzrihem demonstrates how this technique can be applied from a traditional half guard scenario as well. 

The half butterfly guard is truly a Swiss army knife style guard and it’s vast toolbox is sure to appeal to BJJ players of all ranks and body types! 

Basics To Advanced: The Half Butterfly Guard by Aaron Benzrihem

Basics to Advanced: Half Butterfly Guard is available now and ready for you to explore. Benzrihem is a fantastic instructor that you’ll enjoy following along to and he’ll guide you through the 6 volumes of content with digestible instruction and beautiful detail oriented blueprints for this dynamic and exciting position!



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