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Half Guard Details with Lachlan Giles - Dominate the Dogfight

Half Guard Details with Lachlan Giles - Dominate the Dogfight


Let’s talk a little bit about the half guard...

There may not be a more dynamic position in BJJ. From the hobbyist to the top tier competitor, the half guard is the guard of choice for BJJ players of all sizes, shapes, and affiliations. Its evolution has been swift, and BJJ practitioners continue to pour on their own innovations at a rapid pace. Because the half guard is so popular, its constantly being picked at, and almost everyday new details emerge dealing with the position and its intricacies.

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From the bottom half guard, it’s often our goal to achieve the under hook. Once we get there, things really open up. The options are endless, and we can take things in a million different directions. I was first exposed to one of my absolute favorite positional details regarding the half guard in a Lucas Leite instructional. After the under hook is acquired, and during the transition to his knees, Leite scoops his partners leg with his top leg. So that as he gets to his knees, his partners leg is resting on his. This creates such a high level of control and provides a lot of options.

If you’ve never seen this particular detail in action, check out this version of the dog fight sweep from Leite. You can see exactly what I’m referring to, and also see how it’s used in Leite’s version of the classic dogfight sweep from half guard. Check it out!

Now, let’s look at a video from Lachlan Giles that includes the detail I mentioned earlier. In this clip, Giles provides us with some insight on maintaining position from the dog fight. Have a look at this.

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From the dogfight position it is common for our partner to try and remove their leg from the situation to foil our plans. In the video, Giles addresses this particular issue. To keep his partner from removing the leg Giles faces his hips out, posts his outside leg, and drives his knee into his partner’s knee. This creates a scenario where removing the leg becomes extremely difficult for his partner, and the overall options as far as countering become very limited.  

Little ideas such as these can have an enormous effect on your success rate. Hopefully this detail inspires a light bulb moment for you and your half guard game!

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