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Happy Birthday Seth Daniels!

Happy Birthday Seth Daniels!


Hey everyone, this week is Seth Daniels’ birthday! This year, coming off of a successful Fight 2 Win 120 event, the founder and CEO of the production has a lot to celebrate. Fight 2 Win Promotions, aka “The biggest party in Grappling” appeared on the Jiu Jitsu scene in November of 2015 with F2W 1, and has nearly reached 121 events.

Throughout the last few years it has continued to attract more viewers, fighters and alter the way Jiu Jitsu is consumed in The United States. The concept of their events focuses on high level local grapplers and crowd participation. Fans in the building as well as at home are highly encouraged to be a part of the process, a method that is very unique to the company. The environment is always buzzing and highly energetic, making it a great way to introduce Grappling events to people all across the country as well as give those that are already a fan an affordable and skilled match to attend in person. If you haven’t had the pleasure of going, it is highly encouraged. Follow his system and maybe you can attend as a fighter! 

The Fight 2 Win system is designed to provide quick and effective submissions for every type of fighter, regardless of size, strength and experience. These techniques aren’t only for the professional or televised tournaments, they can be highly effective in submission only tournaments or in matches where you know your opponent is stronger or has better endurance than you. Due to the fact that the techniques are devised to allow for an aggressive deadly attack, you are able to go up (and win) against larger opponents with no problem. He will set up entries, attacks, strategies on how to hold, and much more from fundamental positions. Seth doesn’t mess around with scoring points, he is in it for the tap! Check out this NASTY foot sweep from Seth!

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Since his style is a unique blend of his grappling history (judo, wrestling and jiu jitsu), he is able to use a multifaceted approach to a lot of simple techniques that you would never have thought of. His instructions are easy to follow and made for quick, effective action. Soon you will be sweeping people off of their feet and straight into a submission!

The entire series will teach you how to be a dangerous opponent from any position, and how to overcome any weak areas you have on the mat. Due to his style being geared towards submission only, he often sets up threats that are able to transition into many different attacks. If you are looking for a quick tap, and not trying to flow into certain positions for points purposes, setting up an offensive game that allows you to branch off in multiple directions is crucial.

Fight 2 Win System by Seth Daniels

Follow along to learn how to be the baddest person in the tournament regardless of your background and previous training! If you’re intrigued and want to learn more about submission only events with Fight2Win, this is an even more amazing opportunity to learn moves directly from the founder of the company. Check it out and wish Seth a Happy Birthday!



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