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Having Faith In The System

Having Faith In The System



A phrase you will hear likely from day one until you no longer need to hear it is “have faith in the system”.  Sometimes this is easier said than done, and in the beginning can be rather confusing. Faith in what system exactly?  What is the system? Why do I need to have faith in it? So much to think about, so many new things being thrown at you all at once when you first start training and now you are expected to have faith in a system that you do not yet understand or know what it is.  

When you first start training you will experience days, weeks, or possibly even months where you feel as though you are not progressing, not learning anything new and if so, not able to retain it.  Your timing may seem off during live training or maybe not even established yet at all and everything seems like chaos to an extent. This is where this phrase comes in to play. It is very easy to get frustrated at this point and quit, or take a break from Jiu Jitsu, or get disengaged or whatever the case may be, but the reality is what you are going through is normal, and everyone goes through it.  

Once you have been training for a period of time and you have been through more than a few of these you start to realize that they don’t really get any easier as time goes on.  No one likes to feel like they are failing and that’s exactly how this can feel at times. It feels like no matter what you can’t seem to get anything right on the mats. You struggle to handle yourself against team members with similar skill and likely feel like everyone has been training ten times as much as you.  Again, stay consistent and keep pressing forward, it will all payoff in the end.  

It could also be that you feel this way because you aren’t reaching goals as quickly as others around you, or maybe aren’t performing as well in competition as your team mates.  The thing to remember here is that you will progress at your pace and that may be different than others, however, it is also a direct reflection of the training you do, and not just the hours your put in, but how focused you are during those hours of training and how much of each lesson you retain.  

This is where the system comes into play.  “The system” or sometimes referred to as “the process” is the entire training commitment as a whole.  The theory is that you simply keep showing up and doing what the instructors ask, giving it one hundred percent every single training session and you will see that this frustrating time you are going through is simply a growing pain.  Some of these periods take longer than others but what is important to understand is that no matter what, just keep showing up, just keep trusting the system and you will get through it and come out the other side better, both on and off of the mats.  

As you can see, mindset is everything.  Whether it’s mindset in Jiu Jitsu, or mindset toward life, or anything in between, mindset is what will determine how far you go in this world.  



It’s important to have goals.  It’s important to have people we look up to, both on the mats and off.  It’s great to have people that you admire. These people should be for inspiration, not comparison and will help to keep you focused on the long term goals through the tough times when you feel discouraged.  

The Road To Black Belt can be tough.... Get some help!


The character you are building on the mats with your hard work and dedication carries over into whatever you do in your day to day.  You can be the best in your chosen field, not because you want to beat others, but because you have built the discipline on the mats to persevere and push yourself to YOUR limits, not capped by someone else’s perception of your limits, or limits created by your fixed mindset.

This is just a short video excerpt from Tom DeBlass’s newest video instructional “The Road to Black Belt and Beyond”.  This instructional is unlike anything else out there in the marketplace because unlike traditional instructionals that focus on techniques and body movements, this focuses on your mindset, your approach to Jiu Jitsu, and ultimately, your approach to life in general.  

Whether you are a new white belt, an experienced black belt, or maybe don’t even train Jiu Jitsu at all, the concepts outlined in this video instructional can be applied on and off the mats, in your personal life, your professional life, any and all aspects of your life.  

At the end of the day it comes down to having the right mindset, and the work ethic and discipline to drive and steer the ship.  With these things in check, there is no limit to the things you can achieve, on or off the mats. 

In summary, trust the system, commit to the process and just grind every single day and one day you will look up and realize just how far you have come.  Find someone you look up to and use them and their accomplishments to stay focused and drive towards those big goals. When in doubt, show up, just show up and go through the motions if you must, just never stop showing up.  Remember, what you do on the mats, the way you do Jiu Jitsu, is how you will do everything in life.  


The Road To Black Belt And Beyond By Tom DeBlass is the most recent DeBlass instructional. It is Unlike ANY other instructional available. DeBlass dives into what it takes to have a Black Belt Mindset! Revolutionize your game by having a rock solid Mindset!



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