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Hey Blue Belt!  How's Your Fundamentals Game!?

Hey Blue Belt! How's Your Fundamentals Game!?


Lets just being completely honest... we all need work on our Fundamentals of Jiu Jitsu.  The age old saying that good fundamentals win fights is so true. 

Have you ever gone with your coach or an old experienced grappler that barely does anything, yet somehow taps you out repeatedly in one roll?  How simply he/she moves from one position to another, no mistakes, just refined basic comprehension of Jiu Jitsu?

The fact that Jiu Jitsu is just so fucking cool makes us skip over or ignore some of the basic concepts and fundamental mechanics of jiu jitsu.  

Is your Fundamentals game strong, or have you been ignoring it to work our your Lasso Guard?


One of the saddest and most embarrassing thing to see is a seasoned blue belt, purple belt and sometimes brown belts who have very poor fundamental jiu jitsu.  It's like how the f_ck did you not learn this? 

Some of the best and most interesting grapplers in the world employ a very basic, simple and well executed game of "white belt jiu jitsu techniques".  A good example of this would be Roger Gracie, or any modern Gracie fighter.  Their simple, basic, fundamental Jiu-Jitsu win them fights.

One of the coolest and most fun jiu jitsu black belts to watch, especially on YouTube is Kurt Osiander.  

Kurt Osiander has been completing since the mid 1990s, and a Ralph Gracie Black Belt.  His "basic" style, funny comments, and general overall passion for Jiu Jitsu make him a great black belt to learn from.

Here are some of Kurt Osianders Fundamental Jiu-Jitsu Techniques Taught Really Well.


Scissor Sweep from Closed Guard with Kurt Osiander

We've all learned the scissor sweep, probably the first day we ever trained. But how often are you hitting this basic sweep?  It is still one of the most effective sweeps ever due to it fundamental mechanics of Jiu Jitsu


Basic Escape from Side Control with Kurt Osiander (You F_cked Up A Long Time Ago)

The famous "You F_cked Up A Long Time Ago" video that shows a very simple and necessary side control escape that every grappler should know.

Simple Half Guard Sweep using Butterfly Hook

It is without a doubt that his fundamentals game is very strong. His transitions, movements and explanations of the technique make complete sense, and a not overly confusing.

His DVD / On Demand Series: Fundamentals of a Jiu-Jitsu Renegade Kurt Osiander takes what Kurt has put out on YouTube and hit it with some roids. Excellent details and understanding on the basic skills of Jiu Jitsu, then when you roll again, you're going to feel stupid for not understanding this shit before.

Here are some of the things you'll learn in Kurt Osiander's DVD / On Demand Set:

  • Judo Throw Sweep from Guard
  • Sit up sweep
  • hip bump sweep
  • foot on bicep sweep
  • sit up single leg sweep
  • pendulum lasso sweep
  • sit up single leg
  • lasso hook sweep
  • The correct elbow escape
  • arm bar escape
  • back mount escapes
  • triangle escapes
  • omoplata escapes
  • Turtle attacks (chokes, cranks, arm bars, omoplatas, and bow & arrow chokes)
  • Mount attacks (chokes, arm locks, switch arm locks)
  • Side Control attacks (chokes, arm locks, triangle, side arm lock)
  • LOTs of Loop Chokes
  • Guard Passing Master Class
  • Exotic Guard Passing Master Class
  • Lasso to Armbar



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