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Hip Tossing with Illais Illaidis

Hip Tossing with Illais Illaidis


Ogoshi, or major hip throw in Japanese, was one of the original forty throws that Kano taught when he founded Judo in the nineteenth century.

Today it often taught as one of the first hip throws a student learns, and in competition used by judoka when facing taller opponents taking high grips. 

Below, Illais Illaidis shows his competition version of Ogoshi. Illaidis is a Greek judoka who took gold in the 2004 Olympic Games and went on to be a three-time world champion in Judo. 

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Illias throws this off a right versus left scenario. Conventionally in the standup game, a right handed player will lead right foot forward, and vice versa for left handed. In the scenario demonstrated, Illias’ right foot is forward throwing against someone who is playing a left handed stance. Given that most of the population is right handed, fighting someone in a left handed stance can throw off your takedown game. Having specific throws and set ups for this situation is important for competition so you can effectively throw any opponent. 

In this case, Ogoshi is a great throw because Illias can do the entire throw in one step. Note how his lead foot does not move at all, but his back foot steps up to meet it. At the same time his hips come across in front of his opponent’s hips. He bends his knees to make his hips lower than his opponents, making it easy to roll his opponent over his back and onto the mat. 

For the upper body: Illiadis does the Ogoshi throw against taller opponents when they take a high collar grip. This gripping strategy is by taller judoka because they can use it to break posture easily. However, having their arm extended that far leaves open space for an underhook, Illiadis takes, grabbing the fabric on the back of the gi to secure a grip. His other hand just grips at the elbow and pulls that arm to help keep the momentum going in the right direction. The upper body twists as the feet step in and rotates, throwing the opponent.

In a jiu-jitsu match, you can either take knee on belly to secure the landing, or if you still have a grip on the sleeve, begin dropping back into an armbar. 

Satoshi Ishii has had quite the storied career and the story continues with his involvement in events like Polaris and Quintet. He is now sharing his Japanese Judo Secrets. Get ready to throw and be thrown!



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