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How To Avoid Getting Trapped In An Injury

How To Avoid Getting Trapped In An Injury


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is tough. And at times injuries do happen. Below are some tips to negate the possibility of getting trapped in an injury, subsequently losing progress.

The gentle art moniker sometimes gets muffled. Injuries do happen and at times not only your physical progress gets halted but also your mental capabilities. There is nothing worse than working so hard, making solid strides in you BJJ game and progress on the mats when suddenly an error occurs and you get hurt. Devastatingly your knee is hurt. Your back or possibly your shoulder or neck. Regardless of your new misfortunate circumstances, it sucks. 

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Days go by, you keep your newly gimped body at home, on the couch, probably sulking and feeling sorry for yourself. This is not fair. I was progressing towards a promotion. Now look at me. Depression sets in. You start overeating, watching all of your buddies get promoted on social media while you binge watch Netflix and wallow in your self-pity while you stuff your face with ``comfort food``. 

We have all been there before. Anybody who has ever trained BJJ knows that injuries happen. Anybody who has trained/does train BJJ knows that it is one of the most entertaining and exciting things to do, so when that is taken away from you, it is devastating.  

Here are some tips on how to avoid getting trapped in an injury:

  • Keep Going Into the Gym
  • The gym is your happy place. You have some of the greatest, most dynamic personal relationships with the men and women on the mats. Not only will it include you in all things happening in the gym, but you will continue to learn and keep your mental health in check because as I stated above, the gym is your happy place, you should be in there as much as you can be. 

  • Watch Technique Videos
  • The library of skill and technique videos at our disposal is uncanny these days. Platforms such as BJJ Fanatics and YouTube are the two best resources that come to mind for on-demand video instruction. Think of all the things you were interested in prior to your injury and look them up and study your brains out. Not only does this help with your mental state, but you will be learning the entire time. 

  • Map Out Your Return
  • Do the work, take your rehabilitation process seriously, and focus on the return date. Everything is a process, especially with injuries you have to be determined and focused on one thing and one thing only: getting better and returning to the mats. 

  • Understand This Is Only Temporary
  • Injuries are mostly temporary, and because of this it is very important to not waste a lot of energy dwelling on it. Things will always get better, injuries will always heal, and you will always return to the mats where you belong. 

  • Be Receptive To The Sadness
  • Don’t be so worried about the feelings you have while being injured. This is completely normal so be receptive to it and understand it is only part of the process of getting better. Be mindful of it so when it does come on, you can switch gears and realign your focus. 

  • Exercise. Do Whatever You Can To Stay In Shape
  • Although you are struggling with an injury, it does not mean you have to become sedentary. Any exercise is better than no exercise. So get up, do something and do it often so you can maintain a level of fitness off the mat, spruce up your mental game and make your return that much easier. 

  • Leave The Snacks Alone. Comfort Food Is A Myth
  • Lock the fridge. Comfort food is a myth made up by weak people who need to ease their mind to eat whatever they want, especially in a time of despair like being injured, this could be appealing. Remember how good you feel while maintaining a healthy diet and stick to it even while injured. 

  • Learn About Your Injury. Knowledge Is Power
  • Understanding what happened to you is important and you should focus on what it will take to get better. The process of rehabilitation and exercise therapy can be long and drawn out, so having the understanding of what will take place and how long it will take is important. 

  • Acceptance Is Key
  • Having the acceptance that you are down in out for perhaps an unpredictable period of time, you need to be okay with being injured. You need to have the understanding that everything will be okay in good time and you will be back on the mats with your friends in a timely fashion if you just accept your current circumstances.  

  • Maintain A Positive Attitude 
  • It is so easy to get stuck in your own head while injured. Extensive medical research conducted states that athletes who get injured could even develop mental health issues such as anxiety, panic disorders, or depression. Maintaining a certain level of positivity will help you get through this rough period and back on the mats before you know it training and repping with your best friends. That being said, it takes hard work and dedication to get through this patch in any athletes life, but we all should be used to hard work as BJJ is one of the toughest things any man or woman could choose to do. Hard tasks are important for your personal development, you should strive towards them head on. 

    I hope these tips were helpful for you fanatics.

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