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Hit The Arm Bar When Your Opponent Uses Lasso Guard

Hit The Arm Bar When Your Opponent Uses Lasso Guard


Lasso to Arm Bar by Kurt Osiander

If you have been around the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu scene for any time at all, you will have likely heard of Kurt Osiander. Kurt is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Ralph Gracie and a cult hero is the BJJ community. Kurt is infamous for his straight forward personality and blunt commentary. He is known for sayings like “shut up and train” and “you f**ked up a long time ago.” Kurt has one of the most loved personalities in BJJ and shares tons of knowledge online for the world to see. Today Kurt is here at 5 time World Champion Bernardo Faria’s BJJ Academy in Bedford, MA to demonstrate one of his favorite techniques: the lasso to arm bar. This is a technique Kurt has used successfully many times in competition, and has been battle tested and proven to work.

It's Time To Shut Up And Train! Learn The Complete Game Of The Original BJJ Renegade, As Kurt Osiander Brings You Into His World And Revolutionizes Your Complete Ground Game


Watch the video below of Kurt Osiander demonstrating his lasso to arm bar technique and then we will break it down. Check it out now!

Kurt Osiander starts off this demonstration in top lasso guard. The first thing he does is establish his grips and pass the leg. He rotates his opponent 90 degrees and goes straight into an arm lock. It is as easy as stepping over the head and sitting back. Notice how Kurt exploits his opponent when he keeps his leg too close. He passes the leg over to the arm currently caught in the lasso and then grabs the opposite wrist using the gi sleeve. It allows him to rotate his opponent easily, completely removing his ability to defend in the lasso guard. He puts his knee on his training partner’s belly; steps over with his other foot, and then wraps the arm. Pay attention to how tight Kurt stays to his opponent while sitting back. There is no space between him and his training partner. That is what makes it possible to hit the arm bar without giving your opponent the possibility of rolling out to escape.

This is a short, simple, and super effective technique. How many times have you gotten caught in lasso guard and thought there was no easy way to get around it? What I like the most about this technique is how simple it is to counter your opponent by rotating him out of position and kneeing him in the belly. Keep in mind that even if you do not get the arm bar, you end up in a very dominant position that you can work all different types of submissions or passes from. The important take aways from this demonstration are to get the grips necessary to rotate your partner 90 degrees, and then get that knee down on his stomach as quick as possible to prevent him from countering. So the next time you are trapped in lasso guard, why not give this technique a shot? If it is a good lasso guard player, they probably will not see this coming. I hope you found this video useful. Thank you Kurt Osiander for demonstrating this technique for us here today!

Kurt Osiander has been training Jiu Jitsu longer than some modern Black Belt World Champions have been born. He's famous for his quote: "Shut Up And Train" and is considered the first BJJ Renegade. He's got decades of experience training, teaching and competing and a black belt under Ralph Gracie.

His game is simple, fundamentals based and just works.

Kurt draws from decades of experience, attention to detail, and straight forward personality as he lays it all out there in real, understandable terms. This isn't a bunch of Berimbolos intended to impress, this is real, effective Renegade jiu-jitsu!

Get his DVD / On Demand Series called: Fundamentals of Jiu Jitsu Renegade. You'll learn the fine details of the basic, yet tried and true sweeps, passes, submissions and escapes.



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