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Hit This Clock Choke When Your Opponent Turtles With JT Torres

Hit This Clock Choke When Your Opponent Turtles With JT Torres


Using the Clock Choke On an Opponent in Turtle

When it comes to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the world of chokes in both gi and no gi are quite extensive. Choking your opponent is an effective way of getting a submission. Everyone can be choked, not everyone knows how to defend a choke. The clock choke is one of many different chokes that can be very effective in a variety of positions. Today we will at how to clock choke an opponent in the turtle position. The turtle position is probably the best position to get the clock choke. With good grips any one can pull of a clock choke on a turtled opponent. In the video below JT Torres aka “the spiderman” teaches the clock choke he used to win Gold medal at the 2014 American Nationals.

JT Torres is known for his inhuman grip strip, often using it to his advantage to submit his opponents in a demoralizing fashion.


Watch the video now and then we will break down his technique. Check it out!

Let’s say have ended up in a scenario where your opponent is in the turtle position and you are controlling them from the side. The first important detail Torres gives us is to keep your hips connected to your training partner’s hips. You want to keep your opponent in tight and prevent him from rolling out by using your hands tight to his body, hooking under his thigh with your arm across his back. Now, if your opponent has good turtle posture, you want to feed your hand inside through his collar – your thumb across his neck to establish the correct “slicing angle.” Once you have your hand across to his shoulder you can switch your hand hooking his thigh up to his wrist. From here you can collapse your opponent by pulling his wrist in and driving his head in towards the mat. Once you accomplish that you can  adjust your hip up to the back of his neck. The first way you can finish it by walking little by little over the top of his head. He will tap there. If your opponent is trying to roll away you can roll over his right shoulder and still catch the clock choke.

This is an awesome submission from JT Torres! If you are one of the many BJJ players who struggle to deal with a turtled opponent, the clock choke may be just what you need. What I like most about the clock choke is the fundamentals involve in setting it up. By maintaining tightness and connectivity to your training partner you prevent him from rolling out. And to break down his posture it is as easy as pulling his wrist in. The next time you face a turtled opponent keep this lesson in mind, it may just lead you to a quick submission!

JT Torres is a Atos BJJ Black Belt and ADCC 2017 Champion. JT Torres is known for his ability to smash through anyone's guard, take their back and choke them for the win. He shares with you in his DVD series the exact details of how to pass the guard, get back control and hit them with a variety of chokes. He is considered one of the most dangerous jiu jitsu athletes and submission fighters on the planet. JT has beat some of the best competitors such as Garry Tonon, Lucas Lepri, and many more. If you want to learn how to smash through any guard, get back and finish, don't miss this incredible DVD / On Demand Series With JT Torres.



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