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Hold Up Cowboy...Before You Enter the Saddle…

Hold Up Cowboy...Before You Enter the Saddle…



Gordon Ryan secured an impressive victory at Kasai this past weekend over Gabriel Rocha. But he did so at the expense of his LCL. Rocha had roughly 40 lbs. on Ryan, and engaged in some pretty furious attempts at passing Ryan’s guard. Which didn’t produce any results, but kept Ryan’s guard retention skills on point. He was coming forward especially hard towards the end of the match when he knew it was imperative to pass Ryan’s active guard or lose the match.

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During the overtime period at the end of the contest, Ryan was forced to play guard due to his injury. Despite the disadvantage, Ryan did exactly what he needed to do to score by entering and attacking the legs to gain the lead and ultimately win the match.

Ryan is a young warrior, who will no doubt be back on the scene as soon as he’s physically able. And we wish him a speedy recovery. In the meantime, Lachlan Giles has some ideas for you on how to keep your LCL safe when entering the legs. Lachlan has a PHD in subjects focusing on knee injuries, so I’d say he’s pretty qualified to give you the scoop on how to stay safe. Take a look at this video!

The LCL provides the knee with lateral stability. As Giles explains, its long and thin, so when a rupture occurs its tough to put back together. Opposing pressure on the knee and ankle where the knee is being pushed out and the ankle is being pushed in can be a good way to damage the LCL.

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When we’re looking to enter the saddle, we want to avoid trying to elevate our partner from a smash type position where we’re aiming to open our knee outward. If we attempt this, it causes that opposing pressure, and puts an incredible amount of strain on the LCL. Lachlan suggests elevating from a half guard butterfly scenario instead to recruit the proper muscles to provide elevation.

This is great advice from not only a seasoned leg locker, someone who’s also well educate don the anatomy of the knee. Pass it along and stay safe!

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