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Get A Sneak Peak Of Gordon Ryan’s New Guard Passing Instructional Series!

Get A Sneak Peak Of Gordon Ryan’s New Guard Passing Instructional Series!


Get A Sneak Peak Of Gordon Ryan’s New Guard Passing Instructional Series!

Gordon Ryan is in the headlines again after his recent victory over Joao Rocha in the main event at Kasai Pro Super Series. The match lived up to the hype and was very exciting to watch. Gordon Ryan scored the only point of the match with a heel hook attempt in the points round. It was an amazing performance from both athletes and could have gone either way the entire match.

Hate Getting Your Guard Passed? Learn One Of The Most Unique Guard Systems In The World!


What great timing for Gordon Ryan to release a new instructional series on BJJ Fanatics! Gordon Ryan’s new Guard Passing Instructional series "Systematically Attacking the Guard" will be available very soon, but in the meantime let’s take a sneak peek at just what he has to offer! Before we dive in, check out the preview for Ryan’s upcoming series.

Let’s have a look at one of the techniques off of Gordon Ryan’s "Systematically Attacking the Guard" instructional series. Passing the guard can be a daunting task. Here, Gordon "King" Ryan shows how to perform a body lock pass off of your opponent's under hook. The body lock guard pass is one of the most effective ways to pass guard without the gi. Watch the video below and then we will break down Gordon Ryan’s technique. Check it out now!

It is pretty common for an opponent playing bottom half guard to have an under hook. The first thing Gordon Ryan does is initially set his near side under hook. He uses this to get to a body lock. He pulls his training partner’s body in towards him and secures his grip using either a 10 finger, palm to palm, or wrist to wrist grip – the wrist grip being the tightest.

From here you want to push in towards your opponent, bringing your head over their far shoulder. Once your head comes over the shoulder it will be very difficult for your training partner to posture up. You always want to pass on the opposite side of the under hook. To do this, bring your head to the floor to base. This will allow you to slide two butterfly hooks in between your opponent’s legs in order to control their knees. Now escape your right leg and pummel your left leg over, sliding your knees behind your opponent’s hips, brining your head back to the opposite shoulder. This body lock completely controls your opponent’s hips, which allows you to slide your arm under their neck and arm in a nice pin in top side control.

This is some great instruction from an amazing grappler. Be sure to keep an eye on BJJ Fanatics for their upcoming release of Gordon Ryan’s new guard passing instructional series!

In under just 18 months Gordon Ryan went from an "in shape" grappler weighing 163 lbs to a 232lb monster and then DOWN to 194 lb and looking JACKED. Gordon tore through ADCC and is now considered one of the best grapplers in the world. He just released a new DVD / On Demand Series called "Getting Swole As a Grappler". It gives you his exact program, tips, diet advice and more on how to achieved jackedness and be a complete bad ass on the mats.



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