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How Social Media Can Ensure You Reach Your Health Goals

How Social Media Can Ensure You Reach Your Health Goals


Technology rules the day.  Some say that technology, particularly social media creates a sense of isolation and social distance that separates us as human beings.  But like most things in life, how we use a tool, such as social media can decide its effect on our lives.  In actuality, social media can be an extremely positive force in one's quest for better health and fitness.  If you could harness the power of community, share information, receive guidance and feedback, and hold yourself accountable, wouldn't you take advantage?  Once you realize that the tools to do all of these things are right at your fingertips and can be managed simply by using your mobile phone, you will be on your way to reaching your goals.

Let's take a look at how it can impact you and how you can become part of a group that will help you get into the best shape of your lives.  Social media can take a wide variety of forms from simple text messages and group chats, to Facebook style community groups or more specialized fitness and nutrition website communities.

Social Media Fosters Community

Taking a serious look at your fitness and nutritional approaches can be one of the hardest things you have ever done.  The old adage 'admitting you have a problem is half the battle' is very fitting, because you quickly realize that taking ownership of your diet and exercise choices and beginning to not allow yourself to accept the excuses you may have given yourself and others in the past, is amazingly difficult and something that some people are never able to bring themselves to.

The internet and social media can be used to create spaces in which other like-minded individuals can congregate in a virtual community or group.  The simple fact that there are other people who may share the same experiences, challenges, or problems as us can be very comforting.  To realize and know that you are not alone, that others out there have struggled the same as you and to see that others are also taking a stand and starting on the path to a healthier lifestyle, can not only get you moving towards your goals, but it can keep you moving when the road gets hard or you meet some challenges along the way.

The idea of a health and fitness community is not new.  Long existing diet programs like Weight Watchers have encouraged members to attend social meetings where fellow dieters can join together to share stories and learn from the experiences of others.  Social media provides a much more readily available way to connect to people and it can come in a wide variety of forms.

Your support group can be as simple as a group chat of friends, peers or colleagues that are looking to share ideas, or work to challenge and compete with each other to help inspire their fellow members to meet their goals.  Facebook allows users to create pages that can serve as virtual meeting places for the group members to share posts, photos, and media that can help inspire people to meet their goals.

If you take advantage of Tom DeBlass' "Ripped in 12 Weeks Program", you will be welcomed into a private Facebook group where you will be able to ask questions, share experiences, and gain insights from Tom DeBlass himself.  The easy-to-follow system can be purchased here at BJJ Fanatics!

Here's a quote from a post Tom made on October 19th, not long after the group was started:

My friends, don't let a (expletive) day go by where you aren't working towards your new goals, your new body , and your new dreams.  Man it's crazy, I haven't met most of you but I feel connected.  You purchased my DVD because you believed in me, so I believe in you.  I don't take that responsibility lightly.

Social Media Can Motivate

 The ability to share one's progress and struggles and see the same from others can be extremely motivating.  Humans by nature are highly competitive.  Adding a competition or game can be a fun way to push yourself and others to your goals.

Also, the ability to share progress photos can be very powerful, for another reason.  There may be times when the scale might seem like it is stuck and you will feel like you've hit a plateau.  By going back to earlier photos or earlier updates within your group chat or Facebook group, you can quickly see the progress and change you have made and be inspired to stay on course even when you're feeling like you are spinning your wheels.

Another example from the private Tom DeBlass Ripped in 12 Weeks Facebook group is a post from Jimmy below:

This amazing progress can inspire others by making them realize that no matter what, if they stick with the program, they will see results.  And for Jimmy, the positive accolades can go a long way to build up confidence that will come in handy should he meet any challenges in the future on his path to his goals.

There are many more success stories that have been shared in the Tom DeBlass Fitness private group.

"First week completed!  I was about 215 and now I'm 210.  Best result of the last decade"--Hanes B.

"After 5 days down 4lbs.  One big change I've noticed is a huge energy increase."--Rocko G.

"...6lbs in 4 days but more importantly, training over 2 hrs and I somehow still have energy.  Feels great."--Kunal A.

"Day 6 and I'm down 5+ pounds...but the big difference is how I feel!  I used to wake up sluggish and stiff but the last few days I wake up feeling good!"--Paul W.


 Become a part of this group by procuring Tom's system here at BJJ Fanatics!

Social Media Can Educate and Inform

The sense of community and motivational aspects are great, but the amount of information that the internet and social media gives one access to is staggering.  It is often said that there has never been a time in human history when we have had this much information at our finger tips.  It's important to be careful and diligent when reviewing and sharing information, but to also have an open mind and listen to experts in their respective areas of specialty and learn from them.

For a great example from Tom DeBlass detailing one of his favorite exercise routines, check out this link!

Social Media Can Support Accountability

Accountability as a concept is one of the most important aspects of making change.  By taking responsibility for the decisions that got you where you are currently and realizing that you have to make new and different decisions in order to reach your future goals, you will best get on the road to those goals.  Social media can support this.

Social media, like group chats and Facebook groups and communities can be places where you share your goals, share your progress photos, etc.  By putting your goals out there on the interwebs, you will not only have made yourself accountable in your own eyes, you will have the entire audience of your chat or Facebook community watching you.  This can be an incredible motivator to help you get to where you want to go.

Social Media Can Track Your Progress

 Lastly, the social media technology platform that you are using can also serve as a diary and tracker of your progress.  You can post photos of your meals, videos of your workouts, and all sorts of other items that you will then be able to look back on as time goes on.  Just like trying on old clothes that are too large as you begin to make progress, seeing those old photos and videos and reaffirm your decisions and keep you on track and moving forward.

 Unlike many programs out there, Tom's plan does not hold back any secrets.  You will learn what he eats, how he eats and what time he eats each day.  By coupling his easy-to-follow nutritional advice with short, body-weight and weight-training exercises, you will quickly begin to reap the benefits of increased energy, stamina, and health as you lose fat and gain lean muscle.  You can get your copy of Tom's program here at BJJ Fanatics!

One HUGE added bonus of your purchase of this plan is that you will receive an invite to join a private, FaceBook community of like-minded individuals who are looking to apply the principles that Tom shares in his program.  The beauty of this program is that Tom himself will be actively answering questions, sharing advice, and personally helping you meet all of your health goals!  You will benefit directly from his decades of high-level combat fitness training and nutritional experience and you can get it all here at BJJ Fanatics!



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