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How To Choose The Right RashGuard for BJJ



Those who are new to the no gi sector of Jiu Jitsu tend to wear t-shirts on the mats. But t-shirts are not optimal for Jiu Jitsu training. Once they absorb sweat, they sag and training partners can get their fingers and toes stuck in the shirt and that causes injuries. I’ve seen it happen many times on the mats. If you’re going to train no gi, you need to get a good rashguard. But with endless choices, how do you pick a good one? Here are three tips you can use to pick out the perfect rashguard for you.

3) Get a good quality one

Too many times, people cheap out and go with the least expensive option from a local store, like Walmart thinking that they are going to get a good rashguard. The cheap comes out expensive, as I advise. These rashguards do not last long and you’ll be lucky if you get 6 months out of it from repeated trainings and washes. If you have to spend a little more money to get a quality one, then do that.

2) Make sure it’s a good fit

Do not guess when it comes to the correct size for you. Different companies have different sizing, so make sure you look at their sizing charts to get the correct fit. Rashguards are suppose to stay tight to your body and give you adequate compression. If you get one that is too small or too long, you’ll run into performance issues on that. Take the time to get your right size.

1) Get the style that speaks of you

The coolest thing about rashguards for Jiu Jitsu is there are a wide variety of styles. Some are basic, but some are pretty far out in designs. Let the rashguard design say something about you. Do you have a sense of humor? There’s a rashguard for that. Do you love the USA? There’s a rashguard for that as well. One of my favorite rashguards is a video game design based off of the game, Street Fighter. It is also made by Impassable so the quality is off the charts.

A proper rashguard is needed for anyone that trains or compete in no gi. A rashguard is just important as your gi is. Get a great one and treat it with care. It is your armor for when you go into battle on the mats.


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