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How to Execute the Baratoplata Technique

Here’s a small instructional on how to hit a baratoplata from full guard. I started playing with this technique after Caio Terra won the No Gi Worlds in 2015. While he hit it from his opponent defending a triangle, I actually go for this technique on its own. Here is how I set up the technique known as the baratoplata.

Starting Position

I start with my opponent in my full guard and I work on attacking an arm.



Once I attack an arm, I lock on a reverse kimura grip and press my opponent’s arm into her stomach, around the belly button.


Here is a better angled image on the grip that I have.


Executing the Technique

Once the opponent’s arm is in place against her stomach, I hit the next few steps. My left foot (which is the same side of the attacked arm) goes to the opponent’s hip and I keep my left leg tight against her side. I then throw my right leg over her neck and curl it down. After that, my left arm threads through her attacked arm and I palm grip the top of my leg. Notice my arm is locked above her elbow.


Final Position

Next I finger walk my hand across my own leg until the opponent’s arm is locked tight as possible. From there, I go for the finish. I cut the angle, similar how one would finish a triangle choke, and grab under the opponent’s leg. I pull myself to the angle and apply pressure with my forearm towards my opponent while keeping my legs locked in place. This should apply an effective pain to the opponent and cause the tap.


This can be unexpected and successful finish. The most important thing, which can be said about most techniques, is to try it out in rolling and get your timing and pressures down. Enjoy!