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How To Get Your Friends To Try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

How To Get Your Friends To Try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


I love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. You Love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Your friends...are probably afraid to try it and that is why you are reading this article.

It is super common to want to share something we love so much with our friends, but getting your buddies to come try out a class can be like pulling teeth.

Most of the time people do want to come try it but they are just scared to walk through that door for the first time. I will try to give you some tips on how to get your friends to come try class but remember, try not to be TOO annoying about it, encouragement to give it a try every once and a while is good but if you try to force it down their throats they may never give it a shot. So here are some tips and videos to show them to hopefully spur their interest or give them that final push to stop in for a class!

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Social Media: Most gyms have a social media page, check in to your gym every single time you go, even if you forget and have to check in later that night well after your classes have ended. These check ins will pop on your friends timelines and hopefully after seeing it enough times they will be curious enough to ask you about it.

Along with these check ins post some after class selfies with your training partners or share some pictures that people have taken of class. Your friends will see all the smiling faces and realize that what you do is not some mysterious fight club full of roided out brazilian cage fighters but actually a community of like minded people all getting together to learn a really cool art! A third social media tip is to leave a review on your gym page. Your friends will see the nice review you left as well as this helping your gyms rating, prompting others to want to come train as well!

Talk about it...a lot: Let your friends know about how much fun you are having training. Talk about how it is something different and exotic than most other workout routines and how much of an important part of your life it has become. Talk about the classes, what you do, how the class is structured and how great the instructors and your teammates are.

Let them know why they should do it: There are many reasons to train BJJ. Some train for self defense, some for competition, some want to be fighters, others just want a cool and new workout to do. You know your friend and what they like, if your friend used to wrestle in high school and loved it, explain how similar BJJ is to wrestling and how competing will be likes old times for them.

If your friend has expressed interest in self defense or maybe they have been attacked before in their life and they never want to experience that sense of helplessness again, explain to them that BJJ will make them no longer a victim and will empower them with the confidence to protect themselves all while learning these skills in a safe environment with knowledgeable instructors to guide them through it. Perhaps your friend is a fight fan and wants to be a fighter or just know what fighters know, getting this friend to train should not be a problem, tell them how all fighters train in BJJ and how it will be a great base and starting point for them.

Finally, maybe you have a friend who is just stuck in a rut in life, they fall off their diet plans, they quit going to the gym because they quickly lose motivation and they just sit around doing nothing. This is the friend BJJ will help the most, tell them how BJJ will transform their life in a positive manner, how they will always have something new and exciting to work on and how they will become hooked on the new activity. It may take some prodding, but most friends want to spend more time with their friends, tell them how this will give you two more time to hangout and have fun learning something new together!

That friend who HATES spending money: We all have a pal who is just so cheap they rarely buy anything for themselves that they do not absolutely need. This is the hardest friend to convince, not because they lack the money to actually train but because they just do not want to pay, plain and simple. Most gyms have a first class is free policy, this is a great way to get a friend to come train because they do not have to make any commitments if they decide they do not like BJJ (which usually never happens).

That first free class will show them just how cool of an art BJJ is and hopefully will convince them to sign up. Make sure on that first class you partner up with them for class though! If you drag them in and then disappear leaving on their own they will most likely feel uncomfortable and not come back. If you get them there, train with them until they are comfortable to trai  with others, introduce them to people as well. Show them how welcoming of a place your gym is and how much fun it is and I am sure they will want to come back for more!

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Youtube: I love sending my friends who are on the fence about training cool BJJ videos and documentaries. Youtube is such a great place to find motivational videos. You can find all sorts of clips showing the effectiveness of BJJ being used by smaller people to defend themselves against larger attackers, documentaries showcasing the lives of fighters and how motivational their grind to win is, or even techniques videos showing how in depth the art is and how detailed the techniques are.

I hope these tips help you get your friends and loved ones into the gym, remember YOU are the best advertisement for this awesome art. Share the love any chance you get, who knows, you may just change somebody's life!

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