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How to Properly Block the Head and Go Behind with John Danaher

How to Properly Block the Head and Go Behind with John Danaher


Great Technique With John Danaher!

Transitioning from the front headlock position to the rear of your partner can provide lots of pathways to the back and other various dominant positions. But if you don’t know the correct routes and your partner gets ahead of you, things can fall apart quickly.

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Not to mention if your opponent has a wrestling background and is well versed in anticipating what you might be thinking of doing. You’ll need a clear and direct path if you hope to make a smooth transition. Check out this video with John Danaher. He helps us to understand the proper method of getting behind our opponent from the front headlock position.


From the front headlock position Danaher begins by making a post above his partners elbow and coming up off of his knees so he can transfer weight to his partner and begin to travel. He puts his entire right forearm into his partners armpit space to block him from turning into him as he begins to circle. He drapes his second arm over his partners back and mirrors his spine, placing it right down the middle of his body. With these two controls in place Danaher can begin to take short choppy steps to the rear of his partner. Once the position is achieved, he secures a tight waist and again posts on the elbow, which will allow him to begin to take the back using various methods at his disposal.

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Danaher warns us of the dangers of reaching for the tight waist too early, as this will almost always result in your partner clamping down on your arm, and using it as an opportunity to reverse you. Don’t be greedy here. Wait until you’ve planted yourself firmly behind your partner to begin acquiring the tight waist control.

Like all of Danaher’s techniques this is simple and effective. The mechanics are well thought out, and when done properly will produce great results.

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