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Hey White Belts...Slow Down!

Hey White Belts...Slow Down!


Slow Is Smooth...Smooth Is Fast...

I see it time and time again. New white belts that do not take their time when they are drilling. They fly through a technique, and do not focus on the task at hand. And, most of the time, these same people begin to wonder why a lot of what they are doing is not working against a resisting opponent. This just leads to frustration, and a false belief that this jiu-jitsu thing does not work.

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White belts, and everyone for that matter, we need to slow down, and drill our techniques with focus, drive and attention to detail.

I am not sure where this stems from. Maybe new practitioners just think they know what they need to do? Maybe they are not paying attention, and just muddle their way through the parts they didn't catch, and are too afraid to ask to see the technique again? Whatever the case may be, we need to take our time when drilling our techniques. We want to create good habits, and good, technical jiu-jitsu, and flying through your repetitions is not the way to achieve that. If you forgot a part of the technique, that is ok, go and ask an instructor to show you what you missed. Even if you have to restart, or if your repetition takes twice as long as your drill partner’s, take your time. A longer, more technical repetition of a techniques is far better than two or three hasty repetitions where you miss many of the critical details of the move.

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Some of the people will start out going very slow and controlled. Then, they think they have the move down, and begin to fly through it. You cannot do this, especially when you are learning a new technique for the first time. And, no matter how advanced you are, it is nearly impossible to effectively learn a technique the first two or three times you drill it. Even upper belts are guilty of this. Even if you know a technique, you need to take your time when your drill. Flying through, and skipping key details of the technique will lead to a breakdown of the overall effectiveness of the move. Do not be guilty of this.

So I say, white belts. Slow down. Take your time with when you are drilling technique. Make your movements slow and smooth. Do not skip steps. Do not cut corners. Focus on what you are doing. If you do, this will show up in your rolling.  Be honest with yourself. Your jiu-jitsu will be better, faster, and you will thank yourself in the long run.

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