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How To Spider Lasso Step Drag Back Pass

How To Spider Lasso Step Drag Back Pass


Spider Lasso Step Drag Back Pass by Lucas Lepri

Today we are going to check out a segment from Lucas Lepri’s “The Science of Guard Passing” instructional video series available exclusively on Lucas has an amazing guard passing game. His teaching is second to none. You can learn a lot from Lucas no matter what your level of experience is or your level of athleticism. Watch the video below and then we will break down Lucas’ technique. Check it out now!

Lucas Lepri has also won the No Gi World Jiu Jitu championship and the No Gi Pan American Championship multiple times. He has done so in the light weight division of the sport. This makes Lucas one of the most successful competitors in the history of the sport’s light weight division... When It comes to Guard Passing, Lepri is a Master


As you can tell, this is a highly effective was for dismantling your opponent’s spider lasso guard! Lucas has a very methodical approach to passing the guard. If he is unable to find the right angle he simply places his knee on his opponent’s stomach. From here Lepri lets go of the collar grip while switching to a gi pants grip, placing his foot on the mat. This is already enough for Lepri defeat his training partner’s lasso.

To finish the pass, Lepri stacks his opponent while driving forward. There’s one more grip he needs to break before being completely free. It is very important to remember not to pass landing on your shoulder. This is considered bad practice as it allows your opponent to easily recover their guard. You always want to pass with your knee on your opponent’s bicep.

Lucas Lepri has an exceptional eye for details when it comes to his vast knowledge of grappling. Not only is he a great competitor, he is a great teacher. This video is a solid example of Lepri’s elite level grappling skills. Check out Lepri’s “The Science of Guard Passing” if you want to learn more!

Learn The Science Of Guard Passing From No Gi World Champion Lucas Lepri!

Lucas Lepri is a multiple time black belt world champion and the only person to win a black belt adult world title without ever conceiving a point. Lucas Lepri’s Guard Passing Science Will Teach You How To Diagnose & Dismantle Any Guard In Your Gym Or In Local Competition



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