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2 Unique Arm Bars You Should Know

2 Unique Arm Bars You Should Know


2 Unique Arm Bars You Should Know

Many grapplers are introduced to the arm bar as their first submission. Even fans of MMA will be familiar with this commonly used technique. It is a tried and true submission, with a long history of use in UFC fights. It’s an excellent submission for a variety of reasons. You can attack the arm bar from many different positions in both gi and no gi. For that reason it is commonly taught as a method for self defense.

The north south is one of the best positions to setup arm bars and kimura attacks. In fact, John Danaher stresses attacking both to make your north south position un-stoppable.


Traditionally BJJ schools teach students how to get the arm bar from mount or closed guard. This is most likely where you’ll be exposed to an arm bar first. Once a practitioner learns the mechanics of the arm bar it can be applied from many different positions.

Today we are going to look at two unique arms that we think everyone should know. Anyone can learn these techniques no matter what your level of experience is, so let us get started!

#1: Arm Bar From North South Position

Have you ever even thought of trying an arm bar while in North South? Most of your common BJJ players are going to know how to defend the north south choke, but they may not see this lesser known submission coming. Believe it or not the arm bar works very well in the north south position, and can end a match in no time at all. Let us take a look at Kris Kim’s method for nailing an arm bar. Check out the video below and then we will break it down!

This arm bar from north south position is actually really simple. To start, pressure pass to your opponent’s side. This will break your opponent’s grip. Kim uses head positioning and his hips to push his opponent’s head to the side, incentivizing him to turn to his side, where he can secure the arm even tighter. If your opponent rolls before you secure the arm bar you are still set up to get the omoplata.

#2: Arm Bar While Being Stacked

This is a really unique arm bar that you should try. The stack is one of the most common defenses to the arm bar from guard and many people have a tendency to give up when they are stacked.  This position can pose a huge problem. Some people that assume they need flexibility to finish the arm bar from the stack. Tom DeBlass is demonstrates that you do not need any flexibility to finish the arm lock when stacked and that all you need to do is position your hips correctly and off balance your opponent. Check out the video and then we will break down the technique!

When you are in the arm lock position and your partner starts stacking you, what you want to look to do is come over the head without your outside leg and lock his shoulder. You still have the arm lock, but your partner will have a tougher time pulling his arm out. So, remember to pull your leg out to the same side trap and lock your legs. Now you can pinch the arm and continue to look for the arm bar as your training partner stacks. Feed you hand through to the inside and pull yourself towards your partner. Once you are here you have another angle, so you can bring your leg back out. The extension that you look for now is away from your partner.

Give these arm bar techniques a try the next time you are in a live roll! They are incredibly effective, even against bigger opponents.

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