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Set The Butterfly Trap With Eduardo Telles

Set The Butterfly Trap With Eduardo Telles



Eduardo Telles is a Legend in the Jiu-Jitsu world. Throughout his storied career Telles has developed one of the most unique skill sets in the entire game. One major factor that made his career so unique is the use of the position called the Turtle Guard. 

The Turtle Guard is often looked at as solely a defensive position in Jiu-Jitsu, and for good reason. The Turtle is used in a variety of ways defensively. In a lot of cases the Turtle is used to help avoid guard passing attempts. While this can help avoid the pass, it can lead to losing advantages in many rule sets so it is important to note. That said, the Turtle doesn’t always have to be defensive. If you can obtain and utilize the defensive properties of the Turtle your opponent will have to attack, this is where Eduardo Telles comes in. 

An overextending opponent will often leave holes in their approach which will allow for a strong counter to their technique. The Turtle provides that defensive shell which can lead to your opponent over extending. Watch here as Telles uses the Butterfly Trap from the Turtle! 


When Bernardo Faria says someone is the BEST IN THE WORLD at a certain position, you listen! Faria also comments on how back in the day many people would dread matching up with Telles due to his unorthodox style. From seated guard Telles gets a  grip on his Bernardo’s sleeve and immediately exposes his back. If you’ve done Jiu-Jitsu for 10 minutes you KNOW that exposing your back in Jiu-Jitsu usually isn’t a very good strategy. BUT this unorthodox approach is how Telles became a LEGEND!

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By exposing his back he elicits a common response in Faria. By exploiting the knowledge of how your opponent will react can work in your favor if you can set the correct traps. Telles continues to set his trap by scooting underneath of Bernardo’s base with a CROSS-Butterfly hook. This allows Telles to slip out from underneath of Faria once he has the Kimura grip he wants. Once Telles initiates his fall to his back, he immediately looks to hook Bernardo’s leg to keep him from rolling through. Another Telles Tip is to grab your Gi Lapel instead of the traditional Kimura grip! The Turtle Guard Revisited by Eduardo Telles

The Turtle Guard Revisited By Eduardo Telles gives you a behind the scene look at one of Jiu-Jitsu’s most INNOVATIVE practitioners. Take your Defensive Turtle Guard and Transform it into an unstoppable Attacking Turtle Guard with the help of Eduardo Telles! Become Impassable, and simultaneously Attack your opponent and leave them guessing all the way to the FINISH!



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