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Hunt Down the Single Leg from Half Guard with Lachlan Giles

Hunt Down the Single Leg from Half Guard with Lachlan Giles


Easy Takedown From Half...

Whenever we think of the half guard, often times sweeps, submissions, and attacks come to mind. Sometimes we can get a little lazy if our half guard is pretty proficient, and that can lead to some missed opportunities. When someone is pushing forward trying to pass, we can usually turn that energy into something positive for ourselves, but when they’re not engaging or backing up, it might be time to try a different approach. Lots of BJJ players like to stand up to pass. With gravity on your side, it can be much easier to fight through a good guard. If our opponent chooses to stand inside our half guard, this is not a time to be relaxed. If we hope to pursue them, we’ll have to match their movements and come up as well.

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In this video Lachlan Giles goes over a few different ideas from the half guard, but what IM referring to comes in at about 7:40. He begins to talk about what to do when your opponent stands up in your half guard after you’ve achieved an under hook. Take a look!

As the top man begins to stand, Giles transitions from the under hook to wrapping his partners leg. He is sure to guide the knee to the inside and not the outside of his body where he can be flattened. Maintaining solid structure through the hand, spine, and head is essential here to remaining upright and solid. As his partner attempts to flatten him, Giles performs a basic technical lift and brings the leg up with him.

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Another important detail here is the positioning of Giles’ body. If he remains out in front of the leg, he runs the risk of being flattened by his partners lead knee. He must make a small adjustment to position himself on the side of his partners leg. This takes away a critical angle from his partner and keeps him from loading weight onto Giles’ chest.

Giles finishes the demonstration by offering some suggestions on finishing the single, but what I love here is the get up and go from the half guard. We need to train ourselves to know when it’s time to chase someone down, so that we don’t miss out on any opportunities to reverse the position. Great stuff here as always from Lachlan Giles!

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