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Ideas on the Gentle Art and Black Friday Violence

Ideas on the Gentle Art and Black Friday Violence


Exploring the moniker The Gentle Art...

There has been a video floating around social medial of a woman attempting either a triangle or dead orchard on a fellow shopper during a Black Friday brawl. If you have been on social media at all in the last couple of days you have probably seen it.

Apparently the two women fighting over a hover board at a Walmart in Danville, KY.

As usual, the internet has been very generous with comments. Some have been hilarious:

  • The only thing surprising about this video is that it didn't take place in Florida.
  • If only she was wearing a tap out shirt.
  • Someone needs to go home and do 75 shrimps as penance.

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I believe there is one point about the video that has not been made. Certainly, no one would call the woman an expert grappler. Perhaps novice is even too strong of a word. However even with an extremely limited understanding of Jiu Jitsu, she was able to stop any real damage being done in this fight. Black Friday shopping videos are full of absolute mayhem. However, this was not the case in this incident. She was able immobilize her opponent until the fight was broken up. That is a huge value of Jiu Jitsu to physically immobilize someone.  There are certainly times where Jiu Jitsu is used in a life and death struggle. In those situations, you need to be able to choke or dismember someone. But there are other occasions, a Black Friday brawl or drunken unruly patron at a restaurant, where simply immobilizing someone may be enough.

An experience grappler needs to be able to tell the difference. It would be foolish to use extreme force in a altercation and risk criminal and civil legal action if it is unnecessary. Jiu Jitsu is called the gentle art. For years that never made sense to me. Put perhaps is has that moniker because one can be victorious while only delivering damage that is appropriate to the situation.

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