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If You Love Butterfly Guard For BJJ Then You’ll Love These 2 Techniques

If You Love Butterfly Guard For BJJ Then You’ll Love These 2 Techniques


If you have ever seen a high level BJJ competitor use the butterfly guard then you know it can be a thing of beauty...

There is just something about seeing a good open guard player using their legs and their feet to control their opponent’s distance, and limit their ability to pressure forward. In this day and age, you will see the butter fly guard being used at every high level competition. Its widespread use is not without good reason. The butter fly guard is a highly effective technique with decades of history. A high level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor will almost always be familiar with the butterfly, even if it is not one of their primary styles of play. A good butterfly player will know how to use those hooks really well to control their opponent’s every move.

Cesar Casamajo is also the master of the butterfly guard with his own personal touch that makes your butterfly guard impossible to pass while you constantly attack.


When it comes to open guards, Cesar Casamajo understands how to effectively use the butterfly guard to control anyone. Cesar is a 25 year old black belt from Brazil. He has many years ahead of him as a top level competitor. Cesar has an amazing butterfly guard. He has used the technique to great success competing at the highest levels of international competition. Cesar has a great instructional series on the butter fly guard called “Best of Butter Fly Guard By Cesar Casamajo” available exclusively here on Let’s check out some of Cesar’s best butter fly guard techniques.

Butterfly Guard Sweep Against The Under Hook

Cesar Casamajo gives us a new perspective on the butter fly guard sweep. His methodology underscores the fact that all jiu jitsu techniques are made from fundamental concepts. By applying slight variations you can get even better results. Cesar has a very good way of dealing with the under hook. Watch the video below and then will break down the technique.

From butter fly guard, Cesar pulls his opponent into an over hook, controlling his back and basing with his opposite hand and elbow. By grabbing the belt and trapping the wrist Casamajo sets himself up for an easy sweep. Using the momentum of pulling his opponent in, Cesar rolls over his shoulder, using his butter fly hook, as well as pulling him with the belt. What is cool about this sweep is that it puts you in top side control, perfect for knee on belly, mount or finishing with an arm lock submission.

Back Take From Butterfly Guard

Did you know it is possible to take your opponent’s back from butter fly guard? It is actually a lot easier than you might think! You will see how easy it is when Cesar breaks it down into fundamental principles and concepts. Watch the video below and then we will break down Cesar Casamajo’s technique for taking the back from butterfly guard.

The first thing Cesar Casamajo likes to do when setting up this bake take is to open up his opponent’s gi, establishing a lapel grip. He then uses his free hand to post on the mat and switch his bottom foot to cross over his training partner’s leg like an X. The “X” control is what traps his training partner’s leg.  From here, Cesar continues to work under his training partner’s arm, getting it up to his shoulder and tightening his control over his opponent. Instead of sweeping his opponent to the side, Cesar takes his hook out, steps on the mat, and then uses his shoulder and gi grip to move his head under the arm and secure the back with a seat belt grip.

Remember, when playing an open guard such as butterfly guard you want to maintain strong connectivity to your training partner. If there is any distance or you do not have proper grips you run the risk of letting your training partner get an easy pass. Cesar has a very high level understanding of the butter fly guard which allows him to sweep and submit his opponent’s with ease. So if you like playing the butter fly guard and you enjoyed these techniques and want to learn more then I recommend you check out Cesar’s instructional series called “Best of Butter Fly Guard By Cesar Casamajo” available exclusively here on It is packed with tons of great tips and tricks from Cesar that will help you develop a guard that will give all of your opponents a tough time.

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