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If You Play Half Guard, This Is The Most Important Sweep

If You Play Half Guard, This Is The Most Important Sweep


Lachlan Giles Shows You The Most Important Half Guard Sweep

Lachlan is a second degree BJJ black belt. He is the 2017 IBJJF No Gi World Championship Bronze Medallist, 2014 Australian Jiu-Jitsu Grand Prix Champion, multiple time Pan Pacific and Victorian Jiu Jitsu Champion. He has represented Australia twice at ADCC, the most prestigious submission grappling competition in the world, represented Australia three times at the World Pro Championships and competed at the Eddie Bravo Invitational where he submitted former ADCC Champion Rani Yahya.

In 2014 and 2017 he completed a clean sweep of the black belt division at Australia's most prestigious competition, the Pan Pacific Championships, winning 4 gold medals. In 2016 Lachlan was ranked as the number 12 lightweight BJJ competitor in the world. He is also the 2016 Australian Freestyle Wrestling Champion.

Lachlan Giles is an ADCC Veteran, Pan Pacific Champion, and coach to one of the fastest rising starts, Craig Jones


Giles’ understanding of the half guard is masterful, allowing him to break it down into simple tips and tricks that will completely change your half guard game. Not only is Lachlan a master of sweeping from half guard, he is is also a master of submitting from half guard. Further still, Lachlan can teach you how to deal with the bad positions you will get caught in when working your half guard.

In this instructional video with Lachlan Giles, you will learn the power of the under hook when working your half guard, as well as how to effectively sweep and attack your opponent. Check out the video below and then we will break it down.

Remember these important tips for a more effective half guard sweep:

In half guard, there is always one leg trapping and one leg controlling your opponent. Always make sure you are up on your side or on your hip, keeping your hips at a distance from your opponent. You open up the ability for your opponent to pass your guard if your bottom knee gets trapped. It is important to keep this knee mobile. You will need to protect your far side from cross faces and pummeling. There is a lot happening here which you will need to be aware of.

The most important thing Lachlan Giles shows us about half guard is getting the under hook. This is the first thing you should be focused on. Once you get the under hook you are setting yourself up for effective attacks.

One of the biggest mistakes people make with the half guard sweep is not getting “around the corner” fast enough. If you are not quick with this is gives your opponent the opportunity to go for an under hook and smash pass you. Make sure you get your chest down and scoot. It is important to get into a position where it is difficult for your opponent to get his under hook back.

Lachlan uses his legs to push his opponent’s knees away when finishing the under hook sweep. By combining this with a bridge to throw off his opponent’s balance he ends up in a position known as the “dog fight” position in wrestling and by 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu. It is important to avoid being swept in the dog fight position by posting with your far leg.

If your opponent is driving into you hard you can also use the under hook half guard to sweep your opponent in the other direction. One of the key details Lachlan teaches is to use your leg to drag and trap your opponent.

Half guard is one of the most common guards you will use, and it is fairly unique among all of the guard positions because of your opponent’s ability to pass and submit from top. The details Lachlan Giles shows us can go a long way in a competition, so remember these tips the next time you are on the mats.

Frustrate And Dominate The Competition With This Killer Half Guard From Down Under Learn The Secrets Behind A Championship Half Guard With World Medalist And ADCC Veteran Lachlan Giles One Of Our Favorite Instructors Is Back With A Master Class In Half Guard, With Everything From The Most Basic Movements To World Caliber Techniques – Over 11 Hours of Content!

Come and learn one of the world’s most important guards from one of the world’s best instructors. Lachlan Giles, head coach of Australia’s Absolute MMA, is back with BJJ Fanatics to show one of his best positions, the offensive half guard that he uses to win tons of tournaments at the world black belt level.

This video set holds absolutely nothing back when it comes to the half guard position. Starting from the basic positioning and little battles that you will face in half guard, you can make sure your fundamentals are on point before you move on to the sweeps and submissions that you can rely on when you are sparring hard and need that ace in the hole.



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