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These Drills Will Make You Pass The Guard With Ease

These Drills Will Make You Pass The Guard With Ease


Try These Awesome Windshield Wiper Drills!

Do you practice windshield wiper drills? Not sure what they are? A “windshield wiper” is a leg motion that is often used in BJJ to pass a training partner’s guard. The concept behind the windshield wiper is that is allows you to cross to the other side of your training partner’s body and prevent him from trapping you with his legs. This stops the guy on bottom from being able to pull you into his guard. Think of it like this: if you pass the guard and your opponent counters with a high leg (stepping over your head) you will get blocked when going to the other side of the body. The windshield wiper trains you on how to change directions when this happens by passing back over the pinned leg. It is a very good answer to an often seen problem in BJJ.

The windshield wiper drill is prefect for practicing this common move. It is a drill where you repeat the wind shield wiper movement back and forth from left to right for as many repetitions as you can in a certain amount of time. It is a very useful drill for warming up and engraining this type of movement into your muscle memory.

The video below demonstrates how to do these awesome drills. Check it out now!

The steps are very easy to learn.

Step 1: Partner lifts his far leg. Cup the lifted leg. Get your head under the leg while maintaining posture. Grab the pants at knee level and push the other leg to the mat.

Step 2: Drop your knee to the mat, pinning his leg with your shin. Replace the pin with your other leg. Turn your hip, lift your pinning knee. Now your partner lifts the other leg. Cup the leg.

Step 3: Get your head under your training partner’s leg. Grab the other leg and push it down. Repeat steps 1 and 2 several times.

If you are knew to the windshield wiper drill, I suggest starting slow. Get the details right first before you work on your speed. Focus on fluidity and ease of movement before you add in the speed factor. You will see that when high level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners go for the windshield wiper in competition it happens very fast, but that is because they have practiced over and over again to get that level of precision! Use this warm up to get your blood pumping and to help embed this physical pattern into your memory. Ultimately, being able to windshield wiper in a live roll will help you from getting caught in your opponent’s full guard or half guard. This is great because in most cases you will find it easy to pass into top side control. I hope you find this windshield wiper drill useful!

Another useful tool when it comes to drill and refining your technique, especially the fluidity of the movement of Jiu Jitsu is flow rolling.

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