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Switch To Reverse Triangle From Bow & Arrow Choke

Switch To Reverse Triangle From Bow & Arrow Choke


If you weren’t already aware, the bow and arrow choke is one of the best, if not the best, submission in the gi. If this lapel choke is caught and cinched tight, it is almost always a tap. This submission can be caught from many positions but is usually caught from back or side control. With the appropriate amount of leg and torso control, this submission can destroy the will of any grappler.

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Usually, the only time people can escape this choke is in the short time frame the attacker has to set up the finish. If the defender can create enough slack on the choking arm and tuck their head, they can slide out from under the attacker. Because the attacker may recognize the defender’s movement, they should consider transitioning to a different submission position. The position most obvious and available is the reverse triangle.

The reverse triangle, just like the bow and arrow, is considered another checkmate submission. Although it is utilized more often in no-gi, there is absolutely no reason it could not be attacked in the gi. The reverse triangle is an even more troublesome position for defenders because there is many ways to finish the submission.

Check out this short video by BJJ Fanatics that illustrates how simple it is to make this transition:

You may notice in the video that as soon as the attacker transitions, the defender’s far hand is still trapped on the inside. Unlike the traditional triangle choke, this is no problem as it is extremely difficult to use it to make space. In fact, it probably makes the submission worse because there is no free hand to defend.

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My personal favorite attribute of the reverse triangle is its versatility. In terms of submissions, you choke by squeezing and pushing the back of head, finishing a kimura, armbar, or even Americana. It is also a great position for MMA as you can deliver multiple undefended blows. Also, in terms of self-defense, the defender isn’t going anywhere and you can maintain a good view of the environment.

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